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Awareness in Bloom: Supporting Alzheimer’s Awareness One Bouq At A Time

Alzheimer's Awareness Bouqs Butterflies

Alzheimer’s disease affects more of us than we realize. Everyday, more than 1,300 people in the U.S. develop Alzheimer’s, a progressive brain disorder that damages and destroys brain cells. Its impact on the lives of those diagnosed, their loved ones and caretakers is felt both personally and economically. This cause is especially near and dear to our Bouqs family, including our co-founder JP Montufar whose family has been affected by the disease.  

Despite the many challenges of the disease, there is hope in that early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s could have a positive impact. In addition to saving close to $8 trillion in medical care and care costs, equipping those diagnosed with the resources they need early on would be life-changing. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association for June, Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, to help fund their initiatives in Alzheimer’s research, care, and support.

We are supporting the race to eliminate the disease by donating 20% of the purchase price from a special collection of purple Bouqs, the official color of the Alzheimer’s movement, to the Alzheimer’s Association. This donation will be used to help further their mission of eliminating Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research.

Currently, 5.7 million people in the U.S. live with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is expected to reach 14 million by 2050. Finding solutions is a challenge, but we also believe in the power of community to make a real difference. We hope you’ll join us to support the cause, learn more about the disease, and help grow Alzheimer’s awareness one Bouq at a time.

Learn more about these Bouqs and join the cause by visiting our website.

Alzheimer's Awareness Purple Bouquets

Mosaic: a mix of pink and purple freesia grown on eco-friendly California farms ; Butterflies: a delicate mix of fresh cut purple irises full of beauty and grace.

Alzheimer's Awareness Flower Bouquets

Mulberry: purple lisianthus that remind us of the classic family dish ; Melody: a blend of purple roses combined with a mix of two-tone carnations showcasing cool purple, pink, and white hues.

Floral Bouquets for Alzheimer's Awareness

Al Fresco: premium lavender roses that capture the lightness and joy of an afternoon picnic ; Waltz: an array of premium roses in lavender and purple, the official color of Alzheimer’s Awareness.

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