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The Perfect Anniversary Gifts to Complement a Bouq

Anniversary Gifts Flower Pairings

Coming up with a perfect anniversary gift idea can be a tough task, but as long as you throw in some fresh flowers, you’re on the right track. Each big anniversary has wedding anniversary flowers by year, so that takes out a lot of the guesswork when you are trying to find anniversary gift ideas.

But what if you want to pair your anniversary flowers with a little something special? Lucky for you, we’ve outlined a few of the best anniversary gift ideas to complement your Bouq!


First Wedding Anniversary: Carnations and Nice Wine

The first wedding anniversary is a special one – your marriage is still new, but you made it through a whole year alive! The official flower of the first wedding anniversary is carnations, and a thing to pair with any flowers is a great bottle of wine! You two can toast to the first year of many in a successful marriage!

Whether it is an anniversary gift for her or for him, wine is always a good way to go.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary: Daisies and a Wood Burning Fire Pit

By the fifth wedding anniversary, you two might start to get super into the swing of things, but you’ve still made it through five years of wedding bliss! As for wedding anniversary flowers by year, daisies are the official flower of year five, and your fifth anniversary is your wood anniversary. Why not install a wood-burning fire pit for your backyard to symbolize this cozy milestone?

A good marriage is a lot of work, so this can be symbolic that you are still willing to put in some elbow grease (and that you two are overdue for making some s’mores in the backyard!).

Tenth Wedding Anniversary: Daffodils and a Stainless-Steel Wine Chiller

Okay, so you have made it through ten years. Maybe on year one, you celebrated with one bottle of wine – so this year, you should celebrate with a bunch of wine! But you’ll need to keep it all cold, right? There’s no better way to ring in your “tin” anniversary than with a shiny new stainless-steel wine chiller.

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary: Asters and Porcelain Flower Pots

The twentieth wedding anniversary is usually the “china” anniversary. Unless you inherit china from your family, you might be out of luck in the literal sense, as it’s not really custom to buy fine china anymore.

A creative way to celebrate the sentiment of this anniversary, however, is with porcelain flower pots – and bonus points if you plant some asters in them. This is a great gift for her, not only for the beauty of asters, but also because it shows you are still willing to put the work into your marriage by keeping beautiful flowers alive.

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary: Lilies and a Travel Backpack

A travel backpack is a good anniversary gift for her or for him because it shows your boo that you are ready for new adventures. Why not plan a road trip soon? You guys have been together for thirty years, so it might be time for a whole new kind of journey together. Plus, having a good travel bag is essential for any adult on the go.

Pair your pack with a Bouq of lilies, the official anniversary flower for year thirty.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary: Violets and Personalized Constellation of Love

Wow! You have made it through fifty years of marriage. Violets are the traditional anniversary flower by year, but you probably want to pair this year’s gift with a little something special. The stars aligned so you two could have something special, so why not get a constellation print of the day you two tied the knot?


Whatever the anniversary is, one thing is true. You can’t go wrong with some fresh flowers! Bouqs has so many great anniversary options, and a ton of next day delivery flowers for those of you who put of gift getting until the last minute!

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