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7 Types of Men (and the bouqs that go along with them)

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It’s that time of year again and we’re either anxiously awaiting a big bouquet or planning a girl’s night to drown in our single sorrows together. Collectively, our office has been through enough Valentine’s Days to know there are so many types of guys out there. Believe it or not, there’s a Bouq for each. Here’s a primer for flowers men might send.

Ever known one of these guys? We bet you have.

The Edgy Hipster: Wild About U

This guy can be spotted chatting up baristas at the nearest cafe that brews artisanal coffee. He might even be a barista himself, on the side. He loves craft cocktails and craft beer, obviously. Despite his counter-culture attitude, his salvaged denim and thick-rimmed Warby Parker glasses are always on point. He’ll cook you dinner at least once per week because he wants to take advantage of his farm-share. Given his progressive, millennial attitude toward life, he’ll gift you with a Wild About U Bouq and give you tips on how you can plant the succulents for a gift that keeps on giving.

The Bad Boy: Knockout

We’ve all known this guy at one point. From a slick Kenickie to a suave James Bond, his rebel without a cause facade is simply irresistible. So he stands you up once or twice…Maybe he’s really a big softy under that rough exterior. Maybe you can even be the first one to crack that shell. The bad boy we love to hate will gift you the Knockout Bouq of dark purple tulips because like him, their dark beauty is somewhat mesmerizing.

The Hot Shot: Fortified

He’s dressed to impress and won’t let you forget it. He’s the guy who goes big or goes home with tables reserved at the best restaurants.  He gives so many gifts that you’re running out of room for them. Traditional red roses aren’t good enough for this guy. He’ll gift you the Fortified Bouq – fiery roses for the hotshot that he is. Maybe he’s overcompensating for something, maybe he’s not. Either way, you’ll enjoy these roses for days.

The Thoughtful Guy: Unbreakable

This is probably the guy who gets friend-zoned a lot. He’s always thinking of others and would never send typical roses unless he knew you loved them. He takes his time to not only choose what you like best but chooses based on passive comments you’ve made months ago. He’ll surprise and delight with gifts you don’t even remember telling him you want. Gifting you Unbreakable is his way of saying how much he cares, leaving you wondering how he knew.

The Renaissance Man: Glowing

When you first start dating this guy, you learn something new about him every day. He plays professional tennis on the side? How is he putting himself through grad school while getting his novel published? He does it all and you’re never less than impressed. When he gifts you the Glowing Bouq, you’re not surprised because it’s just so him.

The Clueless Guy (who still wants to make sure you’re happy): Farmer’s Choice

Maybe you’re just getting to know each other and he has no idea what you like. Maybe you’ve been together for years but he doesn’t remember anything unless Facebook reminds him. He makes it a priority to impress you, but doesn’t have the time to figure out how. He’ll simply gift you a Farmer’s Choice Bouq so he can let the farmers do their thing. It makes him feel good about them, and you. He won’t be in the dog house either.

The Perfect Gentleman: Hollywoodland

Bringing this guy home to meet the parents will be a breeze because you know he’s never less than a perfect gentleman with complete class. He’ll probably even bring them flowers too. He’s bred well, dresses well in perfectly fitting clothes, and can occasionally be found helping little old ladies cross the street. He gifts you Hollywoodland, because these traditional white roses reflect both his character and his devotion.

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  • Krysten February 17, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Josh, was that comment really necessary? If you had read the category that this post falls under… you’d know that the post is “Just For Fun”. Bouqs, you’re the best! Your flowers continue to amaze me, quality and all the colors! Thank you! (BTW, my husband got me the Fortified Roses… GORGEOUS!)