5 Reasons You Should Know Where Your Flowers Come From

Pink & Yellow Alstroemeria

Did you know, on average, 1 in 3 flowers die in the flower industry supply chain? This is because when you send flowers online, most companies do not ship direct to their customers.

The floral supply chain can be complex and wasteful, a typical distribution cycle includes the following steps: flowers are shipped from farms to distributors (local or international) who ship to wholesalers, who then supply retailers – either a website or florist, who then sell to customers and ship product to their doorsteps. This process wastes millions of dollars in shipping and growing costs, which is ultimately passed on to customers in higher flower prices. Furthermore, quality suffers, during distribution flowers are often refrigerated or sometimes even frozen to prevent them from wilting. What arrives at your door typically will last a week at best.

The Bouqs Co is proud to provide farm direct flowers grown on sustainable and eco-friendly farms that make ordering flowers online a better experience all around. Our farm-to-doorstep approach adds days (and even weeks!) to the lifespan of your bouquet.

In the spirit of transparency, here are 5 reasons to buy farm-direct flowers:

  1. Fresher – The less time flowers spend in the distribution process = the more time they’ll stay fresh in your home! Flowers shipped straight to you will have a longer lifespan that isn’t harmed by damaging refrigeration or freezing practices.
  2. Less expensive – Taking out the middlemen means customers aren’t covering the costs for this extra step in their bouquet’s journey, reducing overall costs around things like energy expenditure, transportation and management fees. Plus, shipping flowers direct to customers means less wasted or lost product which also helps keep costs down.
  3. Longer lasting – Less time spent in shipping, means blooms are younger upon arrival and will last longer. With proper care, farm-direct flowers can last up to 2-3 weeks!
  4. Support the community – Buying farm-direct flowers gives farmers better margins than the traditional flower industry. This allows farmers to provide superior working conditions, improving quality of life for employees and local communities. Farm direct also empowers farmers with more flexibility and autonomy, making eco-friendly and sustainable growing practices easier to adhere to!
  5. Supply-Chain Transparency – A farm knows exactly what they have in stock and what they do not. In the traditional model, wholesalers are often unaware of what is regionally or locally available, at times forcing retailers to fulfill customer orders with product they didn’t order. Shipping direct from the farm guarantees what you ordered is what will arrive on your doorstep.

All in all, buying farm-direct flowers allows you to know exactly what you are getting, enjoy your flowers longer, and support better business practices (eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical) all around.