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12 Questions With “IT” Girl : Alana Jones-Mann

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Alana Jones-Mann

If you pride yourself on finding creative gems on the internet (with a fierce sense of imagination and originality) who will inspire your wildest DIY fantasies, look no further than designer and baker extraordinaire, Alana Jones-Mann.

Please tell our dear readers how you went from working in Marketing to becoming a masterful creative DIY blogger…

Initially, I had some friends suggest that I start a blog to show off my party décor and such, as I’ve always loved to craft and create, and was throwing a lot of parties with handmade decor. The blog became a great creative outlet for me, and was a positive release as I had been feeling stifled creatively at my 9-5 job. I realized just how much I loved creating – I felt so energized and inspired, unlike I had felt for years. I’d stay up late working on projects during the week and fill my weekends with creative projects for my blog. Shortly after I started my blog, I lost my best friend and it all hit me so hard – I couldn’t believe I was filling my days with such negative energy and unhappiness, especially in contrast to the personal passion I was experimenting with on the side. Life is too short to not do what you love, so I found a way to turn what I love into my full-time “work.” 

What is your inspiration for the Terrarium Cake Tutorial, Agate Cookies and Gemstone Cupcakes ? You are so unbelievably creative and ORIGINAL!

While a lot of bakers may look to other bakers or baking trends, I have always completely avoided that. I feel most inspired when influenced by art, design, nature, travel, and decade trends of the past. Nature is a huge inspiration for me, which you can see evidence of in a lot of my work – especially the more popular projects like my cactus cupcakes or gemstone desserts.

Please share with us 3 pictures that currently inspire you:

Agate Slices

I’ve recently found myself drawn to early 20th century Japanese patterns, like THIS one that was published in Shin-Bijutsukai, a Japanese design magazine from the 1900’s.I recently came across photos of Philip Dixon’s Moroccan-inspired home in Venice on ApartmentTherapy that gave me some serious heart eyes recently – THIS is just one of the many magical photos.

I’m also constantly inspired by Mara Hoffman. Just look at THIS Instagram account she created to debut her new line – how awesome is that?! Mara is such a magical force and I’m so glad the fashion industry has someone like her leading the way. I find a lot of inspiration in her work!

We are inspired by your work! Do you have a Pinterest page you can share with us because we are totally obsessed  so we can share it with our readers?

I do have a Pinterest page, it’s

You mentioned that YouTube is the best way to learn these days and how teaching yourself to do anything is the best form of learning. Can you tell us more about that?

YouTube is where I learned so many of my initial cake decorating skills, and it’s become the first place I go when I need to learn how to do something, regardless it’s baking related or something else. There is a plethora of information to be found – all for free!

If you weren’t DIY blogging you would be…

Designing a line of beautiful dessert and party goods. I’d love to make some well-designed goods, as I can never find what I need in stores…especially when it comes to baking supplies!

Walk us through your creative process in 10 steps or less.

First comes the inspiration, then the idea, then research and the trial-and-error experiments, and then the creation.

What is the secret to your success as a DIY guru?

Research and experiment different ways to make whatever you’re making. Patience is very important. With social media, I see people working to push out content as quickly as they can these days, but for me it’s important to truly understand whatever it is I’m working with…even if that takes a couple of weeks. Also, being original and innovative is essential, and i think (hope) that people follow me because of that – they want to see NEW styles and ideas, not just the same old stuff that already exists. 

Floral Cake

You have a lot of flowers in your creations. What draws you to them/favorite things about flowers in general?

The natural beauty and uniqueness of flowers is what I love the most. There are so many different flower families and variations – I love that there’s so much to learn about them as well. I’ll sometimes make buttercream flowers to top my cakes, but nothing can beat the beauty of real flowers. When possible, I always prefer to decorate with fresh blooms.

Naturally, my follow up question is what is your favorite Bouq?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one – they are all so beautiful! I do love tropical-influences, so if I had to pick, I’d say ‘The Flamingo’ or the ‘Tropical Love’ Bouq.

What is your spirit animal?

Definitely a pug! Ha. I have two pugs, Riley and Dylan, who make every single day so hilarious and filled with so much love.

Pug with Sunglasses


What is happiness to you?

Being present and aware of what a miracle life truly is.

For more on Alana Jones Mann, visit her website HERE.

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