Five DIY Pressed Flower Card Ideas

DIY Pressed Flower Cards

Have you been looking for a creative way to repurpose your beautiful blooms? Pressed flowers have been loved by flower fans and botany enthusiasts since the 19th century. Today, DIY pressed flower cards are a wonderful way to honor this tradition while also keeping your favorite floral art for years to come.

Five Pressed Flower Card Ideas

Creating DIY pressed flower cards is both affordable and fun. It’s a perfect way to repurpose and preserve your favorite blooms – and who can say no to DIY crafts with flowers?

Here are six occasions for which a DIY pressed flower card might be a great choice:

  1. Birthday Card: Whether you choose a specific bloom based on the recipient’s birth month flower or you simply choose a flower you know they will love, making a birthday card with pressed flowers is a timeless (and beautiful) gift.
  2. Wedding Anniversary Card: What’s more romantic than a beautifully preserved flower? Anniversaries are an excellent way to use DIY pressed flowers because it easily could symbolize the enduring nature of the recipients’ love.
  3. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Card: What parent can resist a handmade gift from their child or special young person in their life? Whether you’re celebrating a parent or other relative, a DIY pressed flower card for either of these special holidays is a nice way to show your appreciation and love.
  4. Just Because Card: Whether you want to tell your special sweetheart, neighbor, or an old friend that you’re thinking of them, a pressed flower card is a thoughtful way to share your a kind word.
  5. Sympathy Card: Sending flowers is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of the recently departed. Preserved flowers in a DIY pressed flower card make the sentiment known and provide an opportunity for a heartfelt note of sympathy.

How to Create DIY Pressed Flower Cards

What you’ll need:

  • Three or four heavy hardback books
  • Tissue paper or newspaper
  • Blooms you want to preserve

Pressed Flower Process

  1. Arrange the plants of your choice on the tissue paper or newspaper in exactly the way you’d like them to be preserved for your DIY pressed flower craft.
  2. Fold the paper in half over the plant, ensuring the flower is completely covered by the paper and there’s an edge of paper on paper all the way around.
  3. Place the folded paper with the plant between the pages of one of the books.
  4. Place the other heavy books on top of the book with the plant.
  5. Leave the pressed flower in a well-ventilated spot for several days.
  6. When the plant is completely dried (when it is brittle and breakable), it is ready for your craft.

Now that you have your flowers prepped, it’s time to create a beautiful greeting card for your special someone. Use the dried plant material as the main decoration and get crafty!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dried plants
  • Cardstock
  • Acid-free, clear craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Tweezers

Arrange the dried plants on your cardstock using the tweezers, being careful not to damage your newly pressed flowers. Use the paintbrush to apply glue beneath the plant material and adhere it to the cardstock.

Once dry, use the paintbrush to paint a layer of glue over the entire plant material to seal the card. Let the card dry overnight, then add your special message before sending to your intended recipient.

Alternative DIY Crafts with Flowers

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional botanical scrapbook for sentimental reasons, or you’re simply looking to decorate your newly created bullet journal, pressed flowers can be used in a variety of crafty ways. Here are three alternative DIY flower crafts you can make at home.

DIY Pressed Flower Wall Decor

Love the way the shape of those roses looks in the moonlight? Preserve it for all time by using the flower pressing technique above and framing it for your wall. Framed pressed flowers would make a beautiful addition to a nature-themed gallery wall.

DIY Potpourri

Roses, lavender, and lilies all have a memorable scent. Why not preserve it in a handmade potpourri? Potpourri can be kept in a mason jar and enjoyed for months or even years if stored properly. To make potpourri, simply collect completely dried blooms in the vessel of your choice.

DIY Waxed Flowers

If you love the look of a particular bloom and Bouq, you might try your hand at preserving it with wax. Fresh blooms are gently dipped in melted wax and preserved as-arranged.


Not sure what to do with that beautiful floral design from The Bouqs Co.? Make a handmade card before your blooms have dried completely. Save it for a special occasion or give it as a thoughtful just-because gift to a friend or neighbor.

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