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How to Make a Dried Floral Wreath: Step-by-Step DIY Guide

DIY Wreath Step-by-Step Guide - women crafting a wreath

Just as apple pie and chunky knit sweaters help us welcome in the crisp autumn air, fall wreaths are the perfect way to greet guests at your door. Even if you aren’t having many people over this year, a gorgeous wreath will make your house or apartment feel more like home. And this year that’s more important than ever.

One option is to order wreaths online, but you can also let your Bouq serve double duty by incorporating its blooms and greens into a handmade wreath. Making a wreath from an old bouquet is just one fun project you can do with dried flowers. While transforming your arrangement may seem complicated, we promise it’s easy! 

Take Inspiration from Nature

If you think flower colors fade once summer is over, think again! All it takes is one leaf-peeping trip to see how the warm colors of fall rival the bright hues of spring and summer. 

Even if you don’t have brilliant leaves outside your doorstep, you can still enjoy the bright shades of orange and crimson red with fall flowers. Simply order a holiday flower delivery, and enjoy the golden solidago, flame-orange marigold, and multitone alstroemeria. When the flowers start to lose their pep, it’s time to give them a second life as a wreath.

Gather Your Materials

Before you get started with the creation process, gather all the necessary materials. Of course, you’ll need dried blooms and greens, and our fall Bouqs provide plenty of options.

Here are the materials that can be dried in each of these seasonal arrangements:

Bonfire: strawflower and grevillea

Crisp Fall Night: eucalyptus, amaranthus, and succulent

Pumpkin Patch: craspedia

Don’t feel like you need to start drying your chosen materials as soon as they arrive; we recommend enjoying your Bouq as long as possible before removing stems for drying. That’s one reason why making your own wreath is a great activity — you get to enjoy your Bouq in a vase and preserve their beauty in a wreath.

Along with these dried elements, you’ll also need to gather a pre-formed grapevine wreath, clippers, and floral wire. You can find these materials in florist shops, craft stores, or online.

Start Creating Your Masterpiece

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing! To craft a wreath that will add some cheer all the way into winter, follow these steps. Remember that these are basic guidelines, and there’s not one right way to arrange your materials — create a wreath that emulates the personalities of the people inside the home it will hang on.

Step One

DIY Wreath Step One: Woman using floral wire to attach the eucalyptus and grevillea to the grapevine wreath

Use floral wire to attach the eucalyptus and grevillea to the grapevine wreath. Start by wrapping the floral wire around the stem of the greenery and then wrap the wire around the grapevine.

After your materials are securely attached to the wreath, you can trim the stems for a polished look. Continue adding eucalyptus and grevillea around the wreath until you’re happy with the style. 

Step Two

DIY Wreath Step Two: Women attaching amaranthus, craspedia, and strawflower to the wreath

Using the same method as you did for the greenery, attach the amaranthus, craspedia, and the strawflower to the wreath. Feel free to add these on top of the eucalyptus and grevillea as well as intermixed throughout. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!

Step Three

DIY Wreath Step Three: Woman attaching succulents

Now it’s time to add in the succulents! These popular plants will provide a nice fresh pop to the dried materials.

Try placing a couple succulents next to each other or spacing them throughout the wreath. Once you find an arrangement you’re happy with, it’s time to set them in place. Each of these green cuties will have a short stem; wrap the wire around these stems and then around the grapevine.

Step Four

DIY Wreath Step Four: Women adding final touches to the wreath

Once you have all your blooms and greens added, it’s time for the final touches. Wrap a few more pieces of wire around your additions and the grapevine to assure everything will remain in place.

Welcome in Fall

DIY Wreath Finished

Once your wreath is finished, it’s time to hang it on your door, wall, or wherever else you please!

Since the materials in this wreath look great both fresh and dried, you can enjoy your new creation for weeks to come. So pour yourself a warm drink and get ready to welcome in fall.

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