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Floral wreaths are more than just aesthetic Pinterest-worthy décor; they are definitely the warmest welcome for any visitor waltzing into your humble abode. And if you know us, we love a good first impression, so hanging a beautiful floral creation on your front door or even a wall in your home can be that perfect inviting touch! Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you’d think to make a floral wreath yourself – it’s actually really simple! For those who want to make their guests feel a bit more at home, join us in making a beautiful DIY wreath made from farm-fresh flowers. Before we get going, here’s what you need to start DIY-ing:

  • Silver or gold hoops (6-inch ones or above are preferred)
  • Green floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • And flowers, of course (for this project, we’re using our very own “Standout” Bouq)!

DIY Wreath Materials Now, onto the steps: 1. Cut off a piece of floral wire, bend in half and poke through the flower’s core, pulling out the other end to conceal the bent “hook” of the wire. DIY Wreath Step One 1DIY Wreath Step One 2 2. Trim off the stem so just the bloom remains. Use the floral tape to wrap around the visible wiring and attach the bloom to the hoop. DIY Wreath Step Two 1DIY Wreath Step Two 2 3. If you would like to add some of the greenery from your Bouq to the mix, then strip off any extra leaves from the stem to leave a good amount of space. Attach to the wreath by tightly wrapping floral tape around both the stem and the hoop. DIY Wreath Step Three 4. Do a last-minute check to see if some of your blooms need extra support or if you can add more blooms to one side for some dimension! DIY Wreath Step Four   And that’s a wrap! Now anyone who stops by can admire something wonderful you created all by yourself. What better way to make a memorable first impression than to freshen up your home with a wreath made from responsibly-sourced flowers? DIY Wreath Finished Feelin’ up for some new DIY projects? Check out our other how-to’s to fuel your creative spirit!

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