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Why We Need Fresh Flowers At Home

Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Science says that flowers make everyone happy, but contrary to these findings there are a few inexplicably unimpressed people (mostly dudes) who get completely cranky around fresh flowers. It’s hard to know exactly what it is that makes them so irritated, but nonetheless, they are. It wouldn’t be a super big deal if these people all just lived together on a sad little flower-free island, but instead, they roam freely amongst us.

So the question is if you live with one of these flower hating anomalies, how do you persuade him to have fresh flowers in the house—or better yet, even buy them for you? Well, you definitely have an uphill battle on your hands, but if you arm yourself with the facts surrounding the benefits of fresh flowers, you may stand a fighting chance. Here are some pro flower points to get you started.


Flowers Boost Your Mood

One of the main benefits of fresh flowers is their effect on our mental health. Okay, maybe they don’t give your guy’s mood a lift, but they obviously improve yours, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. If your husband is anti fresh flowers at home, hit him with the hard facts.

As explained on Huffington Post, “researchers in the Netherlands studied restaurant diners and found that people with fresh flowers on their tables seem to be in better moods.” Let your guy know that flowers put you in a better mood and ask him if he really wants to risk removing them.


Flowers Let People Know You’re Thinking of Them

If you’re hoping that your significant other will not only learn to enjoy having flowers around but will also be the one bringing them home once in a while, tell him how this gesture makes you feel. Buying flowers for someone is about more than wanting them to have something pretty. It’s a simple way to let the recipient know that you’re thinking of her even when you’re not together. Women love to know that their husbands are thinking of them when they’re not around and a surprise gift of flowers shows that. Bonus points to those who’ve paid attention to what her favorite flowers are.


Flowers are the Original Air Freshener

Air scenting plug-ins and waxy melts have become enormously popular in recent years, but for those looking for a more natural way to fragrance the home, fresh flowers are the way to go. If your honey is big on green living and eliminating artificial products from the home, what better way than to sub in fresh flowers for all of the manufactured fragrance products? Let him know that fresh flowers will not only spruce up the house but will also help eliminate the scent of that healthy fish dinner you cooked a couple nights ago or the (ahem)… the aftermath of the chili he cooked last night.


Flowers Promote Relaxation

If your guy is a big problem solver, be sure to inform him that he can boost his brain power by having bundles of fresh blooms around the house. A study done by Texas A&M University found that having fresh flowers in a workspace increased problem-solving abilities, boosted creative thoughts, and helped workers generate ideas.

Participants in the eight-month study were required to perform problem-solving tasks in three different office spaces. One office space had flowers and plants. Another had abstract sculptures, and a third had no decor at all. Both men and women showed quite a jump in innovative thinking and idea generation when working in the flower and plant-filled space. In fact, men in the flower and plant office had 15 percent more ideas.


Having fresh flowers at home can enhance your life in so many ways. Flowers are true multitaskers, and what guy can’t respect that kind of hard work? So if you have your guy sold on the benefits of having fresh flowers at home, head over to Bouqs. We carry a wide variety of blooms, so that you can hone in on his favorites. We also cut only what we sell, so there’s no waste, and because we cut to order, your flowers arrive as fresh and beautiful as can be.

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