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Bizarre Holidays February

When you think of February, you most likely associate it with holidays like Valentine’s Day or even Groundhog Day. But there’s so much more to the second month of the year than just these two occasions!

You’d be surprised by how many fun national holidays occur within a span of 28 days, but of course, any reason to celebrate is good enough for us! We’re letting you in on some of our favorite bizarre holidays that take place in the month of February.


February 1st: National Dark Chocolate Day

We know that dark chocolate can be a hit-or-miss for a lot of us, but for those avid dark chocolate fans, this is the national holiday for you! Not only can you snack on some of your favorite dark chocolate treats (guilt-free), February 1st pays homage to some of the sweet benefits it has to offer. Dark chocolate is rich with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium and more. So go ahead, have seconds – even thirds!

February 2nd: National Hedgehog Day

Over the years, hedgehogs have only been growing in popularity, and they totally deserve it. Although they’re covered in prickly spikes to defend themselves, these little critters are actual quite harmless – even if they’re not the most ideal cuddle buddies.

Hedgehog Day was actually a Roman tradition before the launch of Groundhog Day, both occurring on February 2nd. This day was also the release date of the game “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” in the U.S.

February 4th: National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Everyone’s favorite guilty pastime is actually a national holiday! February 4th is National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, and people love to celebrate by just eating ice cream in bed – no surprise there, of course.

This national holiday was actually created in New York during the 1960s, where a few people thought giving into some of our guilty pleasures is a groovy thing to do!

February 11th: National Make a Friend Day

February 11th hosts one of the most wholesome holidays out there: National Make a Friend Day! This day encourages people to create new friendships by reaching out to those in need of a companion. Notice someone sitting by themselves in the school cafeteria? Ask if they want some company! Invite a co-worker from a different team to lunch!

National Make a Friend Day promotes the idea of spreading positivity and togetherness, and we couldn’t be more supportive of this movement!

February 15th: Singles Awareness Day

Following Valentine’s Day is Singles Awareness Day, where all the independent people out there either dread being single or rejoice in it! Regardless of how singles feel about their relationship status, they still like to partake in activities such as sending themselves flowers and gifts or gathering with their other single friends to treat themselves out to a nice meal.

Singles Awareness Day isn’t meant to shame those who aren’t in a romantic relationship; instead, it’s meant to promote the message of loving yourself and not relying on someone else to do that for you. So go ahead and choose what you want to eat for dinner tonight – no bickering, no compromises!

February 18th: National Drink Wine Day

Like we need another excuse to drink wine? February 18th gives us just that with National Drink Wine Day! Anyone can join the festivities by going wine tasting or just hosting their own wine night with some special loved ones.

National Wine Day doesn’t just allow us to appreciate the taste of wine, but it helps us realize the history of the drink itself. At one point, wine was the beverage of choice, even over water. Now it’s mainly appreciated due to its refined taste and the way it brings people together.


There you have it – our top picks for the most fun (and sometimes bizarre) national holidays that take place in February! Although Valentine’s Day almost seems to overshadow a lot of the other exciting dates, we always want to make sure you and your loved ones can continue celebrating throughout the entire month.

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