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April isn’t just the month that begins with playful banter; it’s the peak of spring, the month where people celebrate by exploring different flower festivals. But there’s actually a lot more to gear up for during this time of year!

When it comes to national holidays, we’re in the know. Because who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate? We definitely do! That’s why we want to pass on the knowledge of all the fun, quirky, bizarre holidays that fill up the month of April, and we have to say that some of them are no joke.


April 1st: April Fools’ Day

Pranksters and joke-enthusiasts, rejoice! There’s a holiday made especially for those who love spreading their mischief, and it just so happens to be on the first day of April. On April Fools’ Day, you have probably fallen victim to a ruthless prank (how could anyone suspect that your sugar was swapped out for salt?) or you’ve pulled a few of your own.

We know this is a popular holiday and a lot of people are aware that it exists, but what you probably don’t know is its historic origins. Experts actually believe that this holiday dates as far back as 1582, when France decided to switch over to the Gregorian calendar. Back then, some people who weren’t aware of the switch had no idea that the year started earlier continued to celebrate the “new year” on April 1st. Those who were already in the loop found this hilarious and continued this tradition of joking around with unsuspecting civilians.

April 3rd: World Party Day

You can probably guess what this holiday is all about just by its name, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The purpose of World Party Day is to just celebrate . . . well, just because! It can be about anything you want, like a promotion at work, watching the newest episode of your current favorite show, or even just being able to wake up every morning!

Celebrating World Party Day doesn’t mean you have to throw the biggest bash out there; even a small gathering with some of your closest loved ones is enough to get into the spirit of this special day!

April 10th: National Siblings Day

They’ve been there throughout your entire life, and they’re the best friends we always needed – siblings. We all like to get along with our siblings (sometimes), but today is the day that we really get to show off just how much we love the brothers and sisters in our lives! People celebrate this national holiday by honoring their siblings on social media, or just meeting up for a commemorative meal.

The history behind National Siblings Day is both tragic and uplifting. This holiday was founded by Claudia Evart back in 1995 to celebrate sibling-hood. She lost two of her siblings and wants to emphasize the importance of appreciating our own brothers and sisters. Evart specifically chose April 10th in honor of her late sister’s birthday.

Don’t forget to go out there and give your siblings a big hug!

3rd Thursday of April: National High-Five Day

Have a co-worker who just crushed a recent project you both worked on? A loved one who just shared some good news? A stranger you see during your commute who’s wearing the cutest outfit? Tell them all that they rock by giving them a high-five! Every third Thursday of April is your chance to celebrate someone else’s awesome qualities with a high-five.

This national holiday was created by three college students attending the University of Virginia.

3rd Saturday in April: National Husband Appreciation Day

Let’s face it – husbands deserve a shout-out every once in a while too! They work hard to make us happy, and you can easily be yourself around him because he’s your best friend too. They’re the whole package, which is why you want to show them that you appreciate them for showing you a lot of love in return.

You can celebrate National Husband Appreciation Day by treating your dearest out to a meal for a change or just plan a fun night out. If he’s a sports fan, buy him tickets to see his favorite team. Or if he’s more of an artsy guy, then see if there are any art shows coming up and surprise him with a date night there!

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