Mother's Day

Mom Unfiltered: Pretend Like Face

This is a thing: you once complimented your co-worker on her cute mouse pad covered in cows before you turned in a late receipt. Soon it becomes your thing. The cows. Every birthday gift or White Elephant someone gives you another “udderly” adorable mug, notepad, stapler.

You can tell people you never loved cows as you pour half and half into your coffee, but you have to work with them. So when you see the black and white cowhide pattern peeking through the thin wrapping paper, you extend your hand and summon your Pretend Like Face (PLF).

You receive your Master’s in PLF when your kids go to school. Every scribble is your portrait (PLF). Those turn into jugs of perfume (PLF) and then jewelry that stains your skin green (PLF). It’s when you love your child, but not that gift. It’s Pretend Like Face and we’ve all made it.

The Smile Which Exposes ONLY and ALL of Your Top Teeth

The cousin of the Mona Lisa smile, it can’t be turned upside down because it’s already right side up. Expect this when you present mom with season tickets to the museum she never took you to as a kid.

Eyes Wide Shut

“I got you an emoji pillow, Mom!”
Mom flashes her PLF and thinks, “I love you dearly, as long my vision blurs and I don’t have to see that monstrosity of a gift.

Over Eager Nodding

The head nods yes, but the heart races a million miles an hour trying to figure out what “it” is and what “it” is supposed to be used for.

“Well, Isn’t That Special?”

Your gift has a great personality. Give your mom beauty and brains with flowers. The Bouqs Co. offers dozens of choices that are meaningful, beautiful, and long-lasting. Make your mother feel really special this year, by not making her make a Pretend Like Face and have her tell you your gift is just “special”.

Moms Love Flowers

Know the mom you’re shopping for, and purchase something you know she’ll like. Not something you’ll like, but something she likes. Don’t buy her that NFL toilet seat cover you have saved.

Check out our special Mother’s Day flower collection and find a bouquet that reminds you of mom. If you know she loves roses, you can skip the rest and browse our Mother’s Day rose bouquets.

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