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2021 hit mothers hard. Women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Many mothers lost their jobs while being asked to suddenly become home school teachers. They’ve had to take on extra child care duties, and figure out how to make ends meet. Not only have had to adjust to all the changes and limitations, but they’ve also had to do it while making sure their children are as healthy and happy as possible.

This year, we’re asking all mothers to share their moments of being a #MomUnfiltered. Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far.

Deb (@myfourwonders)

“This Mother’s Day, let’s normalize those unfiltered moments!”

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Geneva (@cosmic.american)

“Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, but it’s also a complicated day for so many – something I’ve never understood better than I do this year. Even though I am beyond grateful every day for my daughter, who is my little ray of sunshine, I can’t help feeling like something is missing since losing my pregnancy a couple months ago. This Mother’s Day, I want to send any of you who may be suffering from a similar experience this gentle reminder – that whether you have a baby earthside yet or not, you are no less a mother!”

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Juliana (@julibaxter)

“Let’s be honest, last year was tough. Working from home while taking care of a toddler was a lot, and I know I’m not the only momma that struggled. Even when I clocked out of work, the job of motherhood never stopped. You’re on 24/7. Even through the chaos, my mom was there with me (virtually of course), to help support and guide me. Whether it was to sing a song to her granddaughter or to listen to me vent, she never “clocked out” on being my mom.”

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Bri (@moonandcheese)

“Mother’s Day is coming up, so I’ve been thinking about my motherhood journey so far. It is nothing and everything like I expected it to be. It’s been filled with so many tears and so much laughter. I never truly pictured myself as a mother when I was younger, but when I cuddle my girls, I feel like it was the only thing that was certain in my life. It was like every moment before then led to being their mom. I do have my moments when it gets overwhelming. Baby D still has nights when she can’t sleep. Luna tends to gravitate towards the walls when she has crayons in her hands. It makes me want to scream, but I will just cuddle them and it grounds me. Baby cuddles will really do that to you.”

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Alexis (@alexiskristiana)

“Capturing images as a mom content creator is challenging. All you see are these beautifully curated images, that appear like they took nothing to do- but the reality is that they took everything.

Your attention is pulled in so many different ways, mealtime, snacks, dirty dishes, endless laundry piled up to fold, toys thrown here and there, toddlers who are just ready to go outside and play. The background scenes are almost always chaos, and the word burnout is waiting for you right around the corner.

It requires heavy planning, massive dedication and all the patience in the world, to achieve something that social media has fooled us all into thinking is so easy.”

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Rachel (@rachelamyowens)

“I went from mom of 1 to mom of 2 and heart patient to heart mom all in a moment’s notice with my little Eli. I recognized new strengths in myself as a mother and learned how to overcome even when overwhelmed. Sometimes winning the day with my boys means throwing in the towel when all they want is veggie straws on the dinner plate. Or letting them take every pillow off the sofa to build their clubhouse. Sometimes being a mom is love, wonder, chaos and worry all in one, and us moms always get the job done— whatever that is at the time.”

Mom and son examining yellow sunflowers and red roses


Elizabeth (@ourlovelypak)

“Ever since becoming a mom of two, our regular routine has gone out the window. No one really tells you about the struggles going from 1 to 2 kids. I’ve been carrying a lot of mom guilt lately towards Everly since I’m not able to give her all my attention. I find myself telling her “Hold on! In a minute! After I feed Penny!, etc..” As a result, we’ve definitely become more lenient with her in terms of screen time (oops). But you know what? That’s OKAY.

I need to remind myself to press pause and give myself some grace. To treasure the beauty found in all the little unfiltered moments because let’s be real….we all have those, right?”

Mom and daughter holding white and yellow flowers in front of their faces.


Now that you’ve read a few stories, share your own #MomUnfiltered moment. The trying moments help shape who we are. Let’s not shy away from taking a look at all the moments social media can sometimes make us forget. Let’s celebrate those moments. Sharing your own #MomUnfiltered moment also helps mothers around the world. This year, for every #MomUnfiltered post shared on social media, The Bouqs Co. will donate $5 to Every Mother Counts, a charity that aims to improve healthcare issues around the world.

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