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#momFTW: The not-so-shining moments our moms had to deal with

Son Giving Mom Mixed Flower Bouquet

Good kids all over the world usually have one person they want to impress above everyone else: their moms. Mom’s disappointment is a tough thing to deal with, but when we’re growing up it’s almost impossible to avoid the awkward moments and slip-ups that our moms have to witness. Our favorite way to say ‘thanks for putting up with me’ is by sending mom a unique bouquet this Mother’s Day.

To prove that our moms are our true heroes, we asked our #Bouqsfam to share the crazy moments that they put their moms through when they were growing up. Get ready to laugh, cry, cringe, or all of the above.

Family Outdoors with Floral Arrangement

Let’s start out with the more innocent stories that we gathered from our fam:

  • “I was actually a pretty well-behaved child. My brother and sister are the ones that put my mom through the crazy stuff.”
  • “When I was younger…I went through a neat freak phase where I would refuse to sit on anything that looked dirty, including when we were invited over to friends’ houses. Totally embarrassed my mom.”
  • “She had to deal with my Myspace scene girl phase.”

White, Yellow, and Orange Mixed Flowers

And now for the moments that deserve extra flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day:

  • “I went to a boy’s house when I was 17, and as I was leaving I accidentally backed over his mailbox. We then had to tell both our moms about it and my mom had to pay for it (she didn’t even know I was going to his house so…awkward).”
  • “Oh, man! Where to begin….at ~3 years old I managed to eat an entire bottle of experimental medication at a family friend’s house. I do not remember but it was quite scary for her!”
  • “Spontaneously deciding to move across the country in a three-day notice.”

And one story we got was just a little…too interesting not to share:

  • “When I was a kid, I noticed that when my dog gave my mom kisses, he got a back scratch. So, I started giving my mom kisses and turning around to get my back scratched.”

Told you. Now, it’s your turn to tell us about the crazy moments that you put your moms through so we can commiserate together. Do you have any interesting Mother’s Day traditions? Share with us by tagging us online @thebouqsco.

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