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Graduation Flower Bouquet Ideas for Him and Her

Graduation Flower Bouquet

For seniors all over the country, the months of May and June are all about reaching that goal they’ve been dreaming of for years: it’s finally graduation day! They’re going to be understandably delighted and their family and friends proud and happy for them. One thing that might be troubling the latter though is what graduation flower bouquet ideas they can come up with.

Things to Remember When Purchasing Graduation Flowers

  • Keep the graduation bouquet bright and chirpy
  • Use flowers that symbolize birth and life
  • Include the grad’s personal favorites (if they have any)
  • Include the school’s colors
  • Make sure they are sturdy and easily transportable
  • Have a plan for how to store them after carrying time is over

It might not seem like the biggest of deals when so much else is going on, but as many a professor has probably already assured these grads; the beauty is in the details. For the big day to go off perfectly, for memories to be made, and for that all-important grad photo that’s destined to adorn their parent’s mantel forever, excellent graduation flower arrangements are fundamental. But how do you make sure you’re getting it right?

Luckily, here at The Bouqs Co., we’re the masters of creating the perfect floral statement for every occasion. If you want a graduation flower bouquet that really makes the day, then here are some of the best ways to make that happen.

How to Choose the Right Graduation Flowers

Graduation day is full of symbolism and is itself an iconic moment in American life. Therefore, the flowers that make up your graduation flower bouquet should take all of that into consideration. If the grad happens to love a certain type of flower, then that will make your life a lot easier. For others though (i.e., the guys on your list!) it’s important to get the balance right between meaning and beauty.

The most popular inclusions in graduation flower arrangements are:

  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Carnations
  • Gerberas

Not that you shouldn’t look to change things up a bit and add your own personal touch to someone’s proud moment, but including the classics in a graduation bouquet is usually a safe bet.


The world’s favorite flower, roses always carry meaning and show thoughtfulness. Not only do they look amazingly delicate and smell divine, but they also come in as many different colors as you can imagine, which makes them the perfect tool for fixing up a graduation bouquet in a school’s particular colors.


Orchids are fabulous when they arrive and are a stunning addition to any graduation flower bouquet, making them a superb choice for the lady grads in your life. Also, depending on your location and the policy of the school, a graduation lei may be acceptable, in which case orchids are definitely called for.


A passionate, upstanding, and even revolutionary flower, carnations can also come in many colors, ranging from bright pink to deep purple. If the grad has been busy studying something like the philosophical treatise on the duality of humanity, then carnations are perfect for their bouquet.


With their big and joyful blooms, gerberas pack a punch when included in graduation flower arrangements. They symbolize the freshness of a new beginning, so make sure to go for bold colors to make the most of what they bring to the party.


For parents delighted about their daughter’s graduation, a special corsage is traditionally presented by them to her. Though corsages used to be a lot more popular, they’re still a beautiful and meaningful gift. The flowers chosen can include virtually anything, as only the blooms are used, though roses are most common. The great thing is they can be kept or pressed to preserve a lasting memory of the big day.


For a son in the family, a boutonniere fits nicely onto his jacket lapel. Never as intricate as a corsage, a single white or red rose is common, though feel free to add as much personal style as you want. It’s a day to remember, and the rule book is your own.

Now that graduation season is upon us the search for graduation flower ideas for him and her is all too real. Happily, can deliver exactly what you need. Picking the best flowers for your graduate will make graduation day as special as it deserves to be.

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