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Rose Color Meanings

One of the most iconic flowers in history, the rose is deep-rooted in symbolism and mythology. What is the first word that comes to mind when we see a gorgeous Bouq of roses? Oftentimes, it is romance or beauty. One can also recall the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. She was often depicted with roses adorning her head, feet, and neck. The rose carries a lot of symbolism in literature as well. After all, we’ve all heard the saying ‘Every rose has its thorn’  which simply means that ‘nothing is perfect.’

A rose that is alive carries overtones of growth, hope, and renewal. They often grace the covers of our favorite romance novels, and a rose depicted as wilting in a poem represents sadness or a lost love. In fantasy, the ‘blue rose’ depicts magic and mystery. Throughout our culture, from tattoos and movies to books and beautiful paintings, the rose is the go-to way to portray your true feelings. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or “just because” gift, we’ve got you covered!

Below is a color guide of rose color meanings, so you can choose that perfect bloom for the occasion.


Red Roses

The red rose is the most symbolic of all the roses. It is the ultimate ‘I love you’ statement. The red rose embodies beauty and perfection, and the darkest red rose invokes feelings of romance. If you receive eleven of these precious roses, you’re deeply loved and admired. When intertwined with a single white rose, a red rose conveys ‘unity.’  They’re also known to represent sacrifice and memories.

White Roses

White roses are dreamy and charming flowers, and they invoke a sense of innocence and purity. Since the white rose meaning signifies new beginnings, it is used traditionally in weddings and Sweet 16 parties. If you’re gifted a Bouq of thirteen white roses, lucky you–you have a secret admirer!

Pink Roses

Pink is the color of all that is feminine. This only makes sense considering the pink rose meaning points to sweetness and grace. You can put six of these lovely blooms together to let the recipient know how much you cherish them. To see our gorgeous pink rose Bouqs in action, head to our Instagram.

Yellow Roses

When it comes to rose color meanings, sunshine and happiness come to mind when you think of the color yellow. A bouquet of yellow roses illicit feelings of cheerfulness and joy. Whether you’re celebrating Friendship Day or want to send your bestie a Bouq of roses just because, give her six yellow roses to show her she’s cherished and loved.

Cream Roses

This classically elegant rose is indicative of charm and thoughtfulness. Gifting a single cream rose shows thoughtfulness and says ‘thank you.’ You can pair cream roses with pink roses to showcase your gratitude, whether you’re sending the Bouq to your boss or someone else you’re thankful for.

Orange Roses

The orange rose evokes feelings of excitement and energy. You can use these fiery roses to convey passionate love for your partner. If it is a new relationship, six of these roses can indicate that you have joyful feelings and cherish your new relationship.


Now that you know all about rose color meanings, you can learn about why the number of roses in a bouquet matters or which roses smell the best. Head to our website to start selecting your blooms, and create your own special story with some beautiful roses. Don’t forget to share your Bouq on Instagram–tag @thebouqsco and use the hashtag #BouqLove to show us your gorgeous Bouq.

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