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Flower Truths: How Your Farm Direct Flowers May Arrive

Pink Lily Buds

Please, trust us, we know how it looks. The flowers you received are not damaged or bad quality. They are just unopened, arched, green, or as we like to call it in the industry, in “bud form.”

What do I do?

First, cut the stems so that the blooms are about 3-5 inches above the top of your vase. Second, arrange your flowers in room temperature water; flower food helps, but fresh water is the most important! Third, wait 1-2 days. Lastly, watch the flowers bloom open! Why do we do send flowers like this? Two reasons:

Reason 1: Our flowers ship farm direct. That means…

Your flowers are cut by the farmer, packaged in their Bouq Box right there at the farm, and shipped straight to your door. Because of this fast process, the flowers arrive in the early stages of blooming. Often, as consumers, we are not used to seeing flowers appear like this, as it is not how they look coming from the grocery store or a florist. The awesome thing about your flowers arriving this way is that one, we have shortened the supply chain and eliminated and waste, and two, you will get to enjoy them for much longer! No mystery here, your flowers are coming directly from one of our sustainable farms! 

Light Pink & White LilyReason 2: We ship all over the USA. That means…

We have developed an attractive packaging system that keeps your Bouq safe during every step of the flower delivery process. Fully open blooms do not travel well, as petals are the most fragile part of the flowers. Buds keep the petals safe inside their little bud chamber!  We want you to enjoy the flowers at the peak of their freshness, and therefore the peak of their beauty. This is also why we do not put water in with your Bouq during shipping; water can cause bacteria to grow, which is not healthy for your flowers. 


Check out these awesome time lapse videos:

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