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Five Little-Known Facts About Freesia

Freesia Facts

Freesias and their small, delicate blooms are nothing short of enchanting. We’d say they’re totally unique in the flower world. Take their one-of-a-kind structure, for example. Like all things, it starts at the root, which itself looks like the typical full bloom of any other average flower. But unlike other flowers, this part of the freesia is underground. From that bloom-shaped root rises a vertical stalk that can reach up to two feet tall. Similar to the gladiolus flower,  it is dotted with eye-catching, sword-shaped leaves.

Here’s where the magic really starts to kick in. Once the flowers themselves start to bloom, the stalk begins growing sideways at a 90-degree right angle, in what seems to be a blatant disregard of gravity.

The now horizontal stalk, which houses multiple upwards facing flowers, stays parallel with the ground. What’s even more bewitching, is that freesias are zygomorphic in nature—a fancy-pants way of saying they only grow on one side of the stalk. When you combine everything that makes up a freesia, what you have is a flower that stands out more than Lady Gaga in a meat dress at the MTV Music Video Awards.

I mean…what other flower can boast such a wholly unique appearance?

Now that you know what makes freesias so striking let’s take a look at five awesome freesia facts. That way, that freesia bouquet you received or plan on buying will be all the more special and meaningful.


Freesias Carry Loads of Symbolism

One of the main meanings of freesias (and the name itself) comes from an interaction between two 19th century German botanists. One of the botanists, Christian P. Ecklon named the flower after his close friend and fellow botanist Friedrich H.T. Freese. After this, freesias forever became a symbol of lasting friendship.

In Victorian times, freesias were the ultimate symbol of trust between two people. Freesias also carry specific meanings based on their color:

  • White freesias symbolize purity and innocence.
  • Pink freesias symbolize motherly love.
  • Yellow freesias symbolize joy.
  • Red freesias symbolize passion.


Freesias are a Common Ingredient in Cosmetics

One of the freesias’ most distinctive characteristics is its sweet and fragrant aroma. Thanks to this, it is often used in perfumes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, hand creams, and other cosmetic products.

Although all freesias have a strong scent, their specific smell depends on the color. Red and pink typically smell the strongest.


They Flourish in Cool Temperatures

Freesias are definitely not easy to grow —not inside or outside. As we said, they are extremely delicate and require the right conditions to thrive. As you could have guessed, they grow best in places that can mimic their native environment. For freesias, this is tropical South Africa.

But, wait…that last point might give you the false impression that freesias like heat. Actually, they go dormant in the summer and blossom during the mild winter months. In fact, freesias need a temperature of less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit to bloom.


Never Cut Freesia Bouquet Stems

For most cut flowers, before dropping them in a vase, it’s a good policy to trim 1-2 inches off the stems while holding underwater. But freesia care is different.

Due to their strong vascular system, cutting their stems emits a large amount of ethylene into the air that can kill the blossoming flowers on the stalk. And that’s definitely not what you’re going for!

Avoid putting your freesia Bouq anywhere near daffodils or narcissi flowers as both emit a strong substance that can drastically shorten your freesia’s 10-14 day vase life. If you’re ordering your Bouq from us, no worries–our floral experts keep things like this in mind when arranging your flowers, so you’ll never see flowers like freesia and daffodils next to each other.


Freesias Love to Strut their Stuff at Weddings

Thanks to their tiny and tender appearance—as well as being an everlasting symbol of trust—freesias are extremely common in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. For one, they are drop-dead gorgeous. And, two, they are the perfect complement for other more showy blooms like peonies and roses. Let them help you! They’re the ultimate team-player!

Hopefully, we were able to teach you a few things about freesias that piqued your interest. If so, why not hop over to The Bouqs Co. and grab a handcrafted bouq of freesias for yourself? Our freesia flower delivery is always flat-priced, on-time, and sure to come ready to turn heads!  We know you’ll love it!

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