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8 Fun Facts About Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon Flower Facts

You have probably heard about snapdragon flowers here and there, especially when it comes to flower arranging since they make the perfect filler flowers in any spring bouquet. Well, these blooms are definitely an underappreciated bunch and we want to fill you in on everything you should know before bringing home your own snapdragons!

So without further ado, here’s our list of 8 fun facts about snapdragons for all the flower fans out there:

  1. Snapdragons come in different variations of pink, purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange or burgundy.
  2. They are the perfect flowers for the spring and summer seasons since they are usually available at around this time of year!
  3. The snapdragon belongs to the taxonomic genus antirrhinum and falls in the plantaginaceae family. The name “antirrhinum” originates from the Greek word “antirrhinon” which translates to “like a nose/snout.”
  4. The smallest variety of these snout-shaped blooms can be anywhere between 6 to 15 inches in height whereas the tallest variety can grow up to 48 inches tall!
  5. Unfortunately, snapdragons are prone to rust, especially in hotter, drier conditions.
  6. As a matter of fact, these blooms grow best with plenty of sun in damp soil!
  7. Snapdragon flowers can actually be edible, which is why some restaurants and bars use them as a garnish for certain plates and drinks. The flower itself has a slight bitter taste – it may not sound appealing, but it might be worth a try!
  8. The origin of snapdragons is uncertain but it is believed to have been from countries such as Spain and Italy.


Now that you’re a certified expert on snapdragons, we encourage that you check out what there is to know about some of the other amazing blooms out there! You can start with other spring blooms like May’s birth flower or with blooms suitable for spring weddings. And what better way to start than bringing home some beautiful flowers for yourself?

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