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Flowers are given throughout some of life’s biggest events: deaths, births, marriages. In the middle of them all stand graduations, a moving up ceremony celebrated at the end of a very tough journey and at the precipice of another. There are multiple ways to celebrate your graduate, whether it be a bright graduation flower bouquet or something else tailored just for the occasion. No matter your (or your grad’s) preference, The Bouqs Co. can give you the rundown on choosing the best graduation flowers for the achievers in your life.

And if you’re looking for something more permanent for your graduate, don’t forget— any flower can be pressed and saved for later as a sentimental reminder of your special day!


Graduation Flower Symbolism and Meaning

Bright colors are best for festivity and celebration. Yellow symbolizes success and joy, while purple represents accomplishment. Orange flowers convey enthusiasm and passion for life, and green in a bouquet indicates new beginnings, youth, and good luck. Clearly, there is no dearth of symbolism to tuck inside your Bouq.

Bells of Ireland are among the best graduation flowers, as they represent good luck and come in a striking green. Camellias and white carnations also mean good luck, whereas peonies represent prosperity. Irises represent faith and wisdom, communicating the sentiment “my compliments” – not to mention the fact that their bright purple color is very celebratory and is a common school color.

An easy graduation flower bouquet idea is choosing bloom hues to match the graduate’s school colors. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips come in a near endless variety of colors; plus, carnations and chrysanthemums can be dyed. For school color schemes that include black, consider very dark maroon or purple flowers that look black: calla lilies, tulips, dahlias, cosmos, and hollyhocks are all great options.

If you’re hosting a graduation party, consider using centerpieces in your school colors. Big bouquets with shades of blues, yellows, or purples are sure to be a hit!


Lei It On Me

In Western and island regions of the U.S., a particular tradition rich in flower symbolism reigns supreme: the lei. Leis are typically given to those departing or arriving, as well as to recognize someone for their accomplishments. This is why we give leis to graduates: they are departing, arriving, and accomplishing all at once. Presenting a lei is all about demonstrating honor, high regard, and love, so overall, it’s hard to mess it up.

Leis are typically made of orchids, and while purple is the most popular color, white is also common. You can occasionally find roses and carnations in leis, as well as money or candy, making them a great option for incorporating non-floral decorations.


Put a Pin In It

Corsages and boutonnieres are traditional accents at proms and graduations, but they can also be perfect to give your graduate before the ceremony. These pretty pieces come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and a safe bet is to choose your graduate’s favorite flower or a bloom in their school color.


Beyond the Bouquet

Tropical flowers represent adventure – birds of paradise specifically signify magnificence, excellence and success. And if you really want to go off the beaten path, for instance, consider giving a pineapple as a symbol of good luck and wealth. Surrounded by a bouquet of tropical flowers, it’s sure to stand out!


On To Greener Pastures

Whatever sort of flower you give your graduate, it’s a perfect way to say congratulations, especially if you can’t attend be there to celebrate in person. A hand-delivered Bouq, of either your favorite flowers or in your school colors, is a beautiful reminder that someone out there loves you and is proud of your accomplishments.

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