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Fun and Unique Holidays in July

July National Holidays

The month of July holds more than just fireworks and backyard barbecues – there is just so much to celebrate in the peak of summertime! Just when you thought that the outdoor heat was getting too much to bear, you just might bring yourself to step outside the safety of your air-conditioned home to take part in some of the festivities available.

We want everyone to be in the know of all the national holidays out there, and July holidays are definitely some of the quirkiest out there! Find out some of the best national holidays that take place on the 7th month of the year – besides Independence Day, of course.


July 1st: International Joke Day

It’s no joke that this holiday is much-appreciated, especially when we need a break from taking life so seriously sometimes! The origins of International Joke Day are unknown, but it is believed to have originated in the U.S. But of course, jokes date all the way back to the Ancient Greek era, including the first ever comedy club!

So how can you celebrate? Tell some jokes, go see your favorite stand-up comedian, or watch your favorite comedy movie! The possibilities are endless once you decide to have a bit of fun with it.

July 3rd: National Stay Out of the Sun Day

Summer is all about going out and being in the sun, but who knew that too much sun can take a toll on your health? National Stay out of Sun Day encourages those to protect themselves from sunburns and give your skin a break from all that Vitamin D. Appreciate the great indoors and your cooling AC unit, or if you just can’t seem to stay away from the outdoors, bask in the shade!

Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

July 6th: National Fried Chicken Day

All meat lovers can rejoice for a day dedicated entirely to one of the best deep-fried (or breaded) dishes out there – fried chicken! This holiday is pretty straight-forward. All you have to do is enjoy a meal of fried chicken alone or with some of your close pals. If you want to jazz things up a bit, find your favorite fried chicken recipe and try cooking it yourself! Because nothing feels more rewarding than eating something you made yourself.

July 10th: National Kitten Day

Even if you’re more of a dog person, no one can resist kittens. Not only are they small and oh-so-adorable, they have lots of love to give too!

Whether you have your own little kitten or not, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this day. You can volunteer at local shelters to help give kittens new homes, or you can foster one yourself until it finds its forever family. If you have your own furry friend back home, shower it with even more love and show it off to all your friends on the internet!

July 11th: National Free Slurpee Day

If you’re well-acquainted with convenience stores, then you have most likely stopped by a 7-Eleven. They are literally everywhere, which is what makes them all-the-more convenient! It’s also pretty well-known that 7-Eleven hosts National Free Slurpee Day, which allows all the Slurpee fans to enjoy a free 12-ounce Slurpee (or ICEE, for all the OGs out there) from 11am to 7pm.

National Free Slurpee Day began in 2002, on 7-Eleven’s 75th birthday. Now it’s become such a wonderful tradition that pays homage to one of the greatest beverages out there!

July 15th: National Give Something Away Day

We get it – it’s hard to let things go. But sometimes it’s for the best. National Give Something Away Day encourages everyone who feels like doing something nice for a change to share some of the things they own. Trust us, this can do volumes!

So how can you start? Donate your clothes, buy your friends a coffee from your favorite café, give back to the community – there’s so much you can do to feel great about sharing!

3rd Sunday in July: National Ice Cream Day

Did you know that July is actually National Ice Cream Month? To honor one of the best desserts out there, National Ice Cream Day takes place on the 3rd Sunday in July. So make sure you mark this day on your calendar as the ultimate cheat day, and go wild with all your favorite ice cream flavors!

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