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All the Places You Can Find Peonies This Season

Fresh Cut Peonies For Sale

Peonies seem to be everyone’s favorite flower these days. Even the Duchess of Sussex can’t get enough. Peony passion is no big surprise though, as these blooms are big, lush, and extravagant. There are many fascinating facts about peonies in general and California peonies specifically. They also come in a wide range of spectacular soft hues. What’s not to love? Well… the availability.

The only real downside when you’re shopping for beautiful peony bouquet delivery is the flower’s relatively short season. While it’s certainly possible to get these flowers outside peonies season, you need to know where to look. Otherwise, you could be dropping a lot of cash to get your blooms of choice. Here are some tips for finding reasonably priced fresh-cut peonies for sale no matter the time of year.

Spring—Prime Pickings

If it’s spring and you’re looking for fresh-cut peonies for sale, you shouldn’t have that much trouble finding some. You also shouldn’t have to sign away your firstborn for a peony bouquet at this time of year. Spring is peony season. Often starting to bloom sometime in April, peonies typically last until sometime in June, with May being the height of peonies season.

While peonies are always somewhat pricey, buying when they’re in season is the most cost-effective option. One of the wonderful things about peonies is that they’re large and attention-grabbing. That means that you don’t need to have an exclusive peony bouquet. Adding just a few peonies in with some other blooms can be just as striking.


As the mercury rises, delicate peonies tend to start withering away. In the US, peonies are usually grown in cooler regions. If you live in a warmer region and you’re looking for local peonies, you may be out of luck at this time of year. There are varieties of peonies that bloom later in the season (such as ‘Snow Mountain’ and ‘Doris Cooper’), but when the weather is hot, looking to cooler areas in North America is probably your best bet.

Be aware that visiting a traditional flower shop and having peonies brought in could cost a small fortune, depending on where the flowers are being imported from. Make sure that you are clear about the price before ordering. A simpler option is to order artisan-crafted bouquets through a trusted online retailer such as The Bouqs Co. This way, you’ll know you’re getting quality flowers and you’ll see the price upfront. You’ll even see where and who the blooms are coming from.


While it’s true that peonies like to bloom in cooler temperatures, fall, and winter in North America are just too cold. If you have your heart set on peonies at these times of the year, then you’re going to be ordering the blooms from other parts of the world. Be very clear about prices and what you’re getting before placing an order.

If you can bring yourself to consider something other than peonies, there are several options that provide a similar look and feel. English Garden Roses come in a range of pretty pastels, have very similar petals to peonies, and are big and plush. Dahlias are another bold, beautiful flower and they’re available in the fall. There’s even a peony flowering variety that more closely resembles peonies than a traditional dahlia. In winter, ranunculus makes a wonderful peony alternative. They are very similar in shape, structure and come in a wide variety of colors. Their size is somewhat smaller than peonies, but they’re otherwise very similar.

Opt for Gorgeous Alternatives

There’s no denying that peonies are arrestingly beautiful. That said, their beauty is fleeting. If you love peonies and nothing else will do, there are ways to get them; you just need to know where to look and be fully aware of what you’re getting into. If you’re open to other options, there are stunning alternatives to keep you enchanted until you can find fresh-cut peonies for sale again. The Bouqs Co. has a wide range of the freshest, most breathtaking blooms available. They’re artisan-crafted and cut-to-order, so you get nothing but the best, brightest blooms of the season.

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