DIY Valentine's Day

DIY Valentine Wreath Using Your Bouquet

DIY Valentines Wreath Materials Including Flowers from a Bouquet and Holiday Wreath

If you love your fresh flower bouquet, it’s time to put a ring on it. Before you put your holiday decorations away, hold off on tossing that wreath. That door decor is ready for its transformation into an amazing DIY valentine wreath.

Upcycle Your Flowers Into a Valentine Wreath

This floral makeover will give your seasonal decor a colorful glow up into a valentine wreath that shines. It’s like making a three-dimensional vision board of your flower dreams. Bring that holiday wreath full circle and upcycle it into a thoughtful romantic accessory or Galentine’s Day gift.


1. Prep Your Holiday Wreath

From scented pinecones to jingle bells, you may want to strip your wreath down to make room for flowers. Wreaths without decorations are as tough to find as cute dresses with pockets. Accessories like bows may be adaptable depending on the style and your flower colors. But starting with a clean slate means you’ll have a fresh canvas to sculpt a floral masterpiece.

2. Gather Flowers from Your Bouquet

For some of us, just picking the flowers we want to work with is the hardest part. If you’re planning a DIY Valentine’s Day wreath that will last, a farm-fresh bouquet from our special flowers for Valentine’s Day will provide a head start on both your design and color scheme. We built our flower wreath with a rose bouquet from our unique roses for Valentine’s Day to get the color palette we wanted.

If you usually go for bigger bouquets with more stems, you’ll have flowers left over to fill a vase as well. You can create a colorful flower theme that matches your decor flawlessly. (Like everything else you do.)

3. Arrange Your Valentine’s Day Wreath Design

Start with pairing the flowers you want to arrange together. We began with single stems and small spray roses then arranged our other flowers around them. Then cut long enough pieces of wire to spool them several times around the bunches you’re putting together.

Give the flowers enough space to spread out both in their little groupings and how they’re arranged on the wreath. Think of them like sequins; each one is part of an overall design that dazzles, but they all need enough room to shine on their own.

You can either trim the stems before you spool them together or after. The goal is to have enough stem length to secure to the wreath, but they should also be short enough that you can hide them in overlapping greenery by tucking in the ends. If you’re starting with a more stripped-down wreath, you can secure new greenery using wire.

Start with a loop close to the stem, leaving enough room so that your flowers aren’t pressed together too tightly.

Hold the bundle of flowers together in a miniature bouquet. Use your pieces of cut wire or twine to spool each bundle together as you want them displayed.

You can trim the stems once your groups of flowers are wired together if you haven’t done so already.

For a valentine wreath covered only in flowers, you may want to thread your wire closer to the base of each bloom individually. Cut the stems down to about an inch and a half, and add them individually in your preferred pattern. To camouflage the stems, you may prefer to use twine or craft cord to wrap the flowers to the wreath. The color of the twine should blend in with the wreath and add a rustic, boho vibe.

4. Design Your Pattern

Position your bundled flowers around the wreath in your preferred pattern and color scheme before you permanently wire them in. We tried to evenly space our mini bouquets around our wreath. We actually liked the unfinished, offset design that didn’t go all the way around. For a more unique valentine wreath design, you may prefer to reserve most of your bouquet for a vase and only add flowers around half of your wreath.

5. Accessorize

Craft DIY letters or signage like paper hearts, L-O-V-E letters, or flags around your wreath may add a crafty creative twist. Give your decor a focused theme incorporating Galentine’s banners for an added flourish to frame your wreath. A potted pal from our Valentine’s Day plant collection would provide the perfect accent for your Valentine’s wreath.

Appreciate Your Valentine Wreath —  It Looks Amazing!

An important part of creating something beautiful is taking time to appreciate your work. Hang it somewhere secure and step back to admire. A flower wreath is a perfect accessory for a stay at home Valentine’s Day dinner. Put your passion on display when you hang one of these handmade decorations.

Curate a breathtaking Galentine’s Day gift for your bestie using supplies you already have on hand. Level up your flower bouquet with a DIY Valentine’s gift that they can display. Valentine wreaths double as gorgeous floral gifts and decor devoted to your partners-in-crime.  Put your creative talents on display and show your inner circle some love with a handmade valentine wreath.

Share your flower wreath creations using #Bouqlove and remember, #LoveFirst, flowers second, and kindness always.

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  • Linsey Stiglic February 7, 2020 at 5:43 pm

    Wow! I tried this at home and am in LOVE with my new Valentine’s Day Wreath. This was such an easy, fun project that I now want to make bouquet wreaths for every occasion. A few tips to pass along: if you don’t have copper wire, feel free to use twist ties or rubber bands – they seemed to work perfect for me, and the rubber bands added some extra support to the heavy roses. Also, my wreath was super dry, so use extra caution as to not break too many pieces off (or get stuck by pointy needles). Thanks so much, Bouqs! I love my Valentine’s Wreath <3