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4 Ways To Make Their Valentine’s Day Even More Memorable

Valentine's Day Romantic Flower Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the one you love just how much they mean to you. Whether you’re planning a cozy, candle-lit night in, or a romantic night out, here are a few of our favorite tips on how to make their Valentine’s Day just a little more memorable.

1) It’s the thought that counts. At the end of the day, your special someone just wants to know that you thought of them (by reading this post, you’re already on the right track)! No matter what you decide to do, it pays to plan ahead. You valentine can easily spot a last-minute gift, so putting a little extra thought into their gift goes a long way. A simple act like sending flowers or handwriting a Valentine’s Day card is already much better than a box of wrapped chocolates found at a drugstore. Better yet, sign them up for a flower subscription so you can surprise them with farm-fresh flowers.

2) Do your homework. Thankfully, you don’t need to brush up on your Calculus to decide on their perfect gift. Pick a fresh bouquet that features their favorite flowers and colors. If you’re still stuck scratching your head then select an arrangement that matches their latest trends. If you’ve heard them mention that they’re yearning for a tropical escape, surprise them with our ‘One Love’ bouquet. Or, show them that they’re your ray of sunshine with one of our sunflower filled arrangements, such as ‘Heart of Gold’.

3) Tell them how you feel. Handwrite a card that shares a piece of your unique love story. Being sincere is key, and sometimes saying “I Love You” is all you need.

4) Let them show it off. Make their Valentine’s Day surprise gram-worthy. Lighting is key to any great photo so give them their flowers early in the day instead of over a candle-lit dinner, which doesn’t have the best lighting for that perfect photo. Get dressed up and make it a scene, or at least an event! Whether you’re on their doorstep, in the living room, or out to dinner, getting a Valentine’s Day Bouq is a special moment that deserves to be shared.

Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year, consider a pre-order for Valentine’s Day flowers. If your sweetheart is on the traditional side, you can’t go wrong ordering roses for Valentine’s Day delivery. If they love gardening, order a house plant for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to say you care.

Speaking of, when you do share the #Bouqlove with your valentine this year, let us celebrate with you by tagging us on Instagram @thebouqsco.

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