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Your Guide to Buying Bouquets for Grads

Best Graduation Bouquets

Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate all of the hard hours spent studying, and to wish someone a bright future ahead. Do you have a loved one getting ready to throw their graduation cap up in the air? Why not show them how proud you are by sending them some celebration flowers!

Whether you want to send flowers to a grad that you can’t congratulate in person or you want to be there waiting with flowers in hand, you want to make sure you pick out the best graduation bouquets. Don’t worry – this is your official how-to guide for picking out the best graduation bouquets!


Make the flowers bright, like the graduate’s future!

Graduation is often a bright time in someone’s life, so it’s a good idea to send them some colorful celebration flowers to show them that your pride for them shines just as bright. Graduation also is a kick-off to summertime, so think fun summer colors – i.e., a juicy popsicle or fireworks at the fair. Big, beautiful, and colorful! When the ceremony ends, you want their arms to be as full of flowers as your heart is full of pride.

Flowers that bloom all summer long

If you want to show the graduate in your life that your pride for their accomplishments blooms eternally, think about giving them a graduation flower arrangement of flowers that bloom during the summertime. The graduate in your life deserves to celebrate all summer long with flowers to match. A few examples of summer blooming flowers are:

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these flowers; the best graduation bouquets are ones that you pick out with the recent graduate’s preferences and personality in mind. Letting them know how proud you are of their accomplishments is the goal when you send celebration flowers, so for once, it really is the thought that counts.


Transportation Tips

Once you’ve decided on the perfect graduation flower arrangement, you have to get it to your grad safely. You don’t want to get all the way to the graduation ceremony with dead or half smashed flowers! A few tips for transporting the celebration flowers are:

  • If you have flowers that are in a vase, use empty boxes. Turn the empty box upside down; then take the vase, put it on top of the empty box, and trace around the vase. Use a knife to cut where you traced, and place the vase in the hole you just cut so that only a portion of the top of the vase (plus the flowers) sticks out. Voila! Your graduation celebration arrangement is now ready to be transported in the car.
  • If you have a taller arrangement that would tip over in a box or arrangements that aren’t in a vase, use a utility bucket to keep them upright. Think the kind of orange bucket you can get at Home Depot.


Keep it Fresh!

If you purchase the graduation flower arrangement before the day of the ceremony or the celebration, you’ll need to properly store the flowers in the meantime. Just like you, they just need a little TLC to stay as fresh and dewy as they can be. Remember:

  • Flowers really need hydration. Trim a half inch off the bottom of the flowers and store them in water once you get them home.
  • Whether your flowers came in a vase or you’re just storing them in water in the meantime, be sure to change the water out every other day. This will prevent bacteria from building up so the flowers can properly drink up the amount of water they need. Don’t forget to clean up the vase when you change the water out.
  • Petals drink water, too! Lightly misting the petals with water will help them from wilting and dying away.
  • The graduation flower arrangements can be kept in the fridge overnight, especially if you are living in a warm climate. If they overheat, they may start to wilt.


Graduation should be an opportunity not just to reflect on your grad’s accomplishments, but also to celebrate the new chapters of opportunity and growth that await them. That’s why a bright, beautiful Bouq bursting with fresh flowers is the perfect way to wish them luck!

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