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7 Tropical Flowers Perfect for Any Occasion

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Being attracted to foreign, exotic, and unusual things in life is pretty much human nature. We just can’t help it! Whether it’s stunning holiday destinations, mind-bending art, or spicy foods from far away lands, we love things that feel fresh and unique.

So what better way to bring that exotic feeling into your home than a fresh Bouq of tropical flowers from the world’s most remote and beautiful beaches and jungles? They’ll add a burst of tropical vibes and scents to your home, which is exactly what all of us vacation-starved women need to wake up to every day!

But we have to say it: not all exotic flowers are created equal. While most are certainly pretty darn attractive, there are a few that simply stand head and shoulders above the rest, boasting magnificent colors, shapes, and sizes. Needless to say, the most beautiful tropical flowers will make those common houseplants chilling on your windowsill look a bit mundane, to say the least.

But we’ll be honest. Owning tropical flowers isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. There are a couple of downsides. First, they are extremely delicate and require more TLC than other flowers. And second, they are also relatively more expensive because well… beauty doesn’t come cheap or easy in the flower world.

That said, here are our seven favorite exotic flowers. Pick one of these and no matter where you live, your home will be feeling like Aruba or some other tropical paradise!


Birds of Paradise

Sometimes nature just blows our minds. And if you’ve ever seen birds of paradise flowers IRL, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

With brilliantly colorful blooms resembling a bird’s beak and plumage, these plants will stop you in your tracks and inspire awe. At least that’s what happened to us when we first laid our eyes on these beauties!

Bat Flowers

Just like birds of paradise, bat flowers’ get their name from their striking resemblance to their animal counterpart.

But bat flowers are quite different from the other tropical flowers on this list. Instead of sporting rich and vibrant colors, bat flowers opt for deep, dark, and mysterious shades of purple that almost feel a bit eerie and sinister to look at. We absolutely love it!


Everyone knows and loves orchids, so we’ll try not to go on and on about how charming they are. What we will do, though, is point you to our all-time favorite orchids. You’ll always see at least one of these orchid varieties sprucing up our offices: cattleyas, vandas, paphiopedilums, dendrobiums, and vanilla orchids.

If you’re looking for a touch of elegance and sophistication, orchids are the perfect exotic flower.

Canna Lilies

We absolutely love the fiery red and yellow blooms that canna lilies are known for. They still amaze us every time!

But honestly, the main reason canna lilies make this list is because they are super low-maintenance and easy to grow—two rarities when it comes to tropical flowers.


Bromeliads are gorgeous exotic flowers known for having spiky and colorful bloom formations. Thanks to their spiky layers, they can also store water for extremely long periods of time.

But fair warning – bromeliads are notoriously difficult to care for. That’s okay though, because the best things in life don’t come easy, right?

(Fun fact: pineapples are actually a type of bromeliad.)

Chinese Hibiscus

Native to East Asia, the Chinese hibiscus is a drop-dead gorgeous exotic flower. Best known for its paper-thin, saucer-shaped blooms, the Chinese hibiscus is a delicate but statement-making choice for your kitchen table.

Whether you choose a red, pink, yellow, orange, or white hibiscus, it’ll most certainly have your guests doing a quick double-take as they walk by.

Peace Lilies

In our opinion, no other flower out there matches the elegance and refinement of peace lilies and their simple, gorgeous white blooms. They’re literally to die for! And thanks to their minimalist appearance, they are the perfect decorative flower for modern interior designers. Trust us – nothing makes a statement of luxury and style quite like fresh peace lilies.


Interested in a fresh Bouq of beautiful tropical flowers for your home? Awesome! Grab one of our exotic flower Bouqs that are handmade by one of our artisan florists. You can also read more fun facts about tropical flowers.

I mean, what are you waiting for!? Who doesn’t love a taste of the tropics filling up their home?

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