Valentine's Day

Upgrading Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine's Flowers

Valentine’s Day flowers are obviously one of the most important things to get right if you’re looking to set the mood for the most romantic day of the year. Whether it’s two dozen red roses or a select handcrafted bouquet with deep meaning for your specific relationship, the history of Valentine’s Day flowers has made them the most representative gift to give on February 14th, but they’re not the only gift that can mark the day.

Adding something small or large to go along with the customary Valentine’s flowers shows how thoughtful you are and how much you care for and understand your partner. The only problem is that actually coming up with these thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not a naturally gift-y type person.

So, to give you a helping hand in finding some unique and interesting gift additions to your Valentine’s Day flowers, we’ve scoped around for some creative ideas.

Tasty Treats

While Valentine’s flowers cover the aesthetic side of things, introducing food to the equation is always a key to your SO’s heart, and fortunately, it’s a market that’s well-catered for. If you want to stick to something more traditional, Chocolate Covered “LOVE” cookies or a box of artisan chocolate truffles in a heart-shaped box should do the trick. In general, following a “chocolate + (any foodstuff) = happiness” formula will keep you on the right track (as long as your bae isn’t lactose intolerant.)

For something a bit different, there’s a whole world of treats that make perfect accompaniments for your Valentine’s Day flowers. These gummy bears, for example, are infused with rosé, perfect for the girl who wants to rosé all day. Similarly, it would be relatively hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy a whole cheesecake party wheel. For something even more cutesy, why not indulge in a pair of personalized cookie-cutters with your faces on them, as then you’ll be able to nibble on each other’s faces all year round.

Deeper Meanings

The history of Valentine’s Day flowers means that they are a must for your loved one on February 14, but you don’t have to stop there when showing the depths of your passion for that special person in your life. Valentine’s is also the green light to go into romantic overdrive and give voice to all the gooey feelings you keep under wraps for most of the year.

With a beautiful little anthology of love poems, you can avoid the fact that you’re not all that confident in expressing yourself by using the words of others. Take that even a step further by taking your favorite lines and putting them on a selection of cards to be opened at different times during the day. To blow the emotional top off your Valentine, this idea of meaningful cards suspended over a rose-petal strewn bed by balloon hearts is simply awesome.

Getting Creative

Being a bit quirkier shows that you’ve put real thought into making this a special day to remember for your significant other. This could range from a basket full of things that remind you of them and your time together to something that they will really enjoy but would never get for themselves. A customizable Valentine’s jigsaw puzzle that your partner will complete to reveal a special message is a creative way of sending a Valentine’s message, while something indulgent like this pure silk pillowcase will give them the best sleep ever while they dream of you.

A clever, constellation pendant of their zodiac sign is a beautiful way to show you have actually put thought into what you are getting them and is perfect if your other half is a star-gazing astrology lover.

For something lovingly functional, depending on your location, this heart-shaped umbrella will keep them dry while staying cute, and this gorgeous Valentine’s Day lamp will light up your relationship and matches excellently with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s flowers.

The history of Valentine’s Day flowers means that they will always have a special place on this special day. While other gift ideas can be traditional or very left-field, when it comes to Valentine’s flowers, you’ll never go wrong with hand-crafted Bouqs created by our nationwide team of artisan florists. Check us out to start creating your own perfect Valentine’s Day experience.

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