Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding

As you’re going through your wedding checklist, you might find yourself prioritizing certain things over others: the dress, the guests, and (of course) the venue. Let’s face it, we all envision our weddings to have the perfect fairytale element. You are marrying your Prince Charming, after all! So you and your fiancé have agreed on getting married outdoors – more specifically, in a blooming garden.

We’re definitely on board with that idea! Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding surrounded by their loved ones and an abundance of their favorite flowers?

Now, before you start scoping out all the local botanical gardens you can find, keep in mind that outdoor weddings can be tricky. They require careful planning so you, your fiancé, and your guests can all have a great time.

No worries, we got your back. We’ve gathered all the tricks up our sleeves to let you in on some helpful tips when it comes to hosting your very own garden wedding!


Out with the Pests

This is probably one of the biggest concerns when it comes to being outdoors. That’s right, mosquitos, creepy crawlers, bees – you name it! They all love the flowers and greens just as much as you do. And no one wants to deal with constantly swatting at the air and frightened guests. So how do you keep these pests from ruining your fairytale wedding?

Luckily you have a few options to consider! If you want to ensure that all of your guests can sit through the ceremony without worrying about some uninvited pests invading their space, you can always opt for the party favor route and hand out decorated spray repellants. If you want some extra security and ward off the bugs, try lighting candles at every table. Not only will they help keeping out the unwanted 8-legged guests, they’ll set a nice mood for the day of romance.

Oh, and one last pro-tip: look into decorations with flowers that bugs can’t stand, like chrysanthemums and lavender. Not only will they beautify the venue, you’ll be able to get through your “I do’s” seamlessly.

Weather Mayhem

No matter what season you’re planning your wedding for, the weather is usually what can make or break your big day. Even summer weddings can be rained on with unpredictable showers, and the chilly breezes during the colder months can be quite distracting. Sadly, you can’t really prevent things like this from happening, but what you can do is prepare for the worst.

Snag a venue that allows you to set up tents to shield from any potential storms or winds. Tents actually add that nice rustic twist to any ceremony, and they’re just extremely practical. Plus, they give you more room to decorate – hanging flower fixtures, lights, and pillars galore!

Looking the Part

Choosing the right dresses and tuxes are a big part of wedding preparations, but have you ever thought about coordinating what you wear with the hues of your venue? Because you’ll be surrounded by a number of colorful flowers and plants, you might want to consider matching with your backdrop. As a bride, you may be limited to wearing a white dress, but if your venue gives off a cool, earthy atmosphere, you might want to select dresses with ivory tones to match. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should also dress accordingly – perhaps some cooler shades of green to mirror the plants in the garden. The possibilities are endless!

Trustworthy Florists

Just because a garden venue provides you a stunning display of flowers and greens, you can never go wrong with adding more of that floral punch to your ceremony! Florists play a huge part in beautifying your wedding so you can have that fairytale element you’ve always dreamed of. But it’s important to be transparent with the people who create your bouquets and centerpieces.

Are some of your guests allergic to flowers and plants? Communicate with your florist about hypoallergenic flowers so your guests won’t get the sniffles during your big day (trust us, they’re not just tears of joy). It’s also important that your arrangements don’t overpower the existing flowers in the garden, so give your florist a brief overview of the types of blooms before deciding on what petals to put in your bouquet.

Your wedding is definitely something to look forward to, and we hope these tips eased some of the jitters when it comes to planning your big day. If you’re curious about our collection and thinking of choosing out of these carefully-designed, farm-fresh Bouqs, peek at our site! We’ll do our best to have your flower needs met for any occasion.

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