Ten of the Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Symbolism Behind Wedding Flowers

When planning a wedding, there’s a seemingly endless list of decisions to make. What many may argue is the crowning glory of these selections is the wedding flowers. Fresh centerpieces, vibrant bouquets, and lush floral decor really set the tone of a wedding. While your guests are sure to love your tropical cream cake with mango puree and coconut buttercream (that does sound pretty spectacular), it’s probably not the thing that’s going to catch their eyes and set the mood for your wedding day.

Some brides choose their wedding flowers based on looks alone, but as with selecting a life partner, that’s not all you should consider. If you dig a little deeper, you can capture the overall feeling of your love story in your choice of blooms. Taking the time to do a bit of research on the symbolism behind wedding flowers can add an extra layer of meaning to your special day.

Here, we take a look at some of the more popular wedding flowers—roses, peonies, orchids, freesia, daisies, dahlias, anemones, hydrangeas, tulips, and calla lilies—and explore the symbolism behind each.



Roses are the heavy hitter of wedding flowers. They’ve been leading the wedding pack for a long time and with good reason. Roses are not only stunning to look at, but they come with some pretty intense symbolism. Love, beauty, and romance are all associated with roses, so it’s no wonder they strike the right note for so many brides on their wedding day.


Peonies are bold, yet soft and they come with an ideal sentiment for newlyweds. The flower is associated with happiness, ambition, and love, which seems like an excellent set of wishes on which to begin a new and exciting phase of life. Plus, peonies are great for brides on a budget. Their larger size means you’ll need less of them to fill out a bridal bouquet or centerpiece.


Representing charm and refinement, orchids are an eye-catching choice for any bride that wants to make a tastefully dramatic statement on her wedding day. They are often used in tropical wedding bouquets but add a chic touch to all types of wedding decor.


Couples who want to highlight their strong bond and easy rapport may choose the delicate freesia as their main bridal blossom. Freesia is a sweet symbol of friendship, trust, and innocence. Even better, they smell incredible, making them a great choice for table centerpieces.


Sunny and bright, daisies lend a lighthearted feel to any celebration. They stand for innocence, loyal love,  and purity and incorporate well into cheery festivities. Their free-spirited ambiance goes well with more casual weddings, but that’s not to say they can’t be incorporated in more formal events.


The attention-grabbing dahlia is a popular choice for brides who love stately decor. With their luxuriantly bold look and symbolism based around commitment and enduring bonds, dahlias make a wonderful wedding choice. Ideal for summertime weddings, their festive colors and wide variety of shapes make them a great choice for all types of weddings.


Free-spirited brides may be drawn to the soft, yet daring anemone. The name comes from the Greek term for wildflower. As for its meaning, anemones symbolize anticipation. With dark centers set against filmy petals, anemones have a style all their own and are sure to stand out in any bouquet.


Those who love full, lush wedding flowers often turn to hydrangeas. These bushy beauties can really fill out an arrangement and create a sumptuous look. Even better, if you look into the symbolism behind wedding flowers, you’ll find that hydrangeas stand for heartfelt emotion and perseverance. What could be more fitting for your wedding day?


Vibrant tulips are an ever-popular choice in the bridal world. They come in an array of sunny colors and stand for happy years and consuming love. We especially love tulips for their availability–unlike other choices on this list, wholesale tulips are readily available throughout the year.

Calla Lilies

Loved by modern brides and those looking for something to fit an Art Deco wedding theme, the elegant calla lily with its trumpet-like shape is a dazzling choice. The flower symbolizes magnificent beauty, which is a perfect choice for any standout bride.


If all this talk about the symbolism behind wedding flowers has you contemplating your floral choices (or possibly reassessing), be sure to check out The Bouqs Co. for some guidance. We offer cut-to-order, direct from the farm freshness at prices much lower than conventional florists. Even better—you have choices. You can opt for a stunningly pre-curated package or chart your own path by going with a customizable bundle.

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