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The BouqWagon at Baby2Baby’s Mother’s Day Party With Jessica Alba

Handheld Flowers

The Bouqs Company joined Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization for children, and Tiny Prints for their second annual Mother’s Day Party hosted by Baby2Baby Ambassador Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba at Baby2Baby

On May 5, the party honored mothers of low-income children ages two to twelve with fun activities designed to both pamper and educate via fun activities including gardening crafts, DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets, jewelry making, and beauty salon makeovers.

The children in attendance were excited to pick out beautiful, volcano-fresh flowers in their favorite colors for their moms. Along the way they learned about the art of flower arranging, keeping eyes on the color, shape, and balance of his or her arrangement. If you’re interested in learning more, read our post on choosing a Mother’s Day color scheme or rose color meaning for Mother’s Day.

Baby2Baby Bouqs Flower Wagon

Picking Flower Bouquets Together

Woman Holding Flower Bouquet

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