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Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Ideas

Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and bringing back recipes like ambrosia and scalloped potatoes that have otherwise disappeared from the American palette. The other star of the table is the centerpiece. From humble cardboard turkeys to all-out sculptures, Thanksgiving centerpieces have a distinct look. Of course, you can always stick with the usual– gourds and the color orange. Which is, all well and good, but sometimes, even our oldest traditions need a bit of a refresh.

Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving flowers and other centerpiece ideas that are sure to delight your dinner guests.


Think Fresh Fruit

While the days of fresh strawberries are long past, fall is actually a great time for heartier fresh fruits. Make like a Dutch painter and create your own still life using pears, persimmons, and apples as the basis for your centerpiece.

Stack them in bowls or grab your own cornucopia. Add apples to a collection of fresh blooms, as they did here. Or, arrange your favorite fall harvests with something from the garden—branches and leaves—a free-form approach to the centerpiece. Learn more about how to arrange flowers by reading some of our useful tips.

Or Hit the Vegetable Section

While we’re a more flower-centric bunch, here at the Bouqs, we’re suckers for a good out-of-the-box centerpiece. These candles with little bundles of green beans, artichokes, and asparagus are a genius way to pay homage to what’s important on Thanksgiving—food.

Or, incorporate some food elements into a traditional floral bouquet. This veggie-filled bouquet brings a cool contrast to the table with lush greens and deep reds. A gorgeous complement to the feast ahead.

Celebrate with Succulents

Potted cacti and succulents make a southwestern style addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Grab a table runner and cover the cloth with a selection of desert plants in colorful pots—add a little fall flavor by incorporating some of the colorful mini gourds or white pumpkins for a nod to the holiday. The best part of using a succulent bouquet? They’ll stick around for a while.

Keep it Simple with a Traditional Bouquet (aka Thanksgiving Flowers)

For every pumpkin enthusiast, a naysayer is rolling their eyes at all things #fall. If you’re not into replicating the cornucopia present at the original Thanksgiving (definitely not a fact)—stick with something that always looks great.

A traditional bouquet with nods to the fall season fits right in with any table setting. Go for the farmer’s picks if you want something seasonal, or choose from your favorite flower on We might be biased, but nothing beats a selection of fresh blooms, straight from the farmer’s market—understated beauty and no need to fret over décor.

Embrace Minimalism

Perhaps the most practical approach to the centerpiece, keeping things stylishly sparse means more room for the turkey, mashed potatoes, and a few extra bowls of gravy.

Still, a special occasion calls for special table settings. Choose one color and keep it simple when it comes to containers. You can’t go wrong with all white flowers punctuated by matching candles—sure, not the most Thanksgiving of flower arrangements, but something special just the same.

For Thanksgiving Flower Centerpieces—Check Out the Bouqs

As you might imagine, we’re fans of swapping out stodgy wicker baskets for something that feels fresh. And you can’t get any fresher than fresh flowers. Sort by color and pick something that feels like fall; dress it up, or don’t.

The point is, Bouqs will deliver your Thanksgiving flowers in short order. They’re sure to be a hit whether you decide to incorporate them into an intricate display of bounty or keep those luscious blooms as they are. Trust us; they’ll look amazing either way.

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