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Which Spring Flowers Are Best for Your Bouquet?

Best Spring Flowers

Spring is a great time of year—the warm weather, the much-needed vacays, and, of course, all the gorgeous flowers in full bloom.

And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to want to have some stunning spring flowers on hand at all times, so your home is always decked out in awesome floral charm.

If that’s the case and you grab a fresh cut Bouq of any of these spring flowers, we’re sure you’ll be blown away. Maybe you’re looking for flowers for a spring wedding or you want a DIY flower basket that mixes and matches a bunch of different spring blossoms. That’s how we like to roll at least!

Best Spring Flowers:

  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Peonies
  • Freesia
  • Lilac
  • Daffodils
  • Azalea


Any flower that has the power to cause the world’s first financial bubble definitely deserves a spot on this list. And that’s exactly what tulips did in the 1600s in Holland.

People fell so crazy in love with them that the price of one tulip shot up to as much as a house on an Amsterdam canal. People literally lost their life savings just to get their hands on super in-demand tulips. That’s how beautiful they are!


Springtime should elicit cheery vibes of fresh starts and renewal. With that said, daisies are the perfect bloom to emulate those happy-go-lucky vibes.

And while we’re sure that when you hear the word “daisy” your mind conjures up the image of the stereotypical white petals and a yellow eye, daisies actually come in dozens of different varieties and colors, making them a super versatile flower for springtime Bouqs.


Over here at The Bouqs Co., we believe that literally everything looks better in pink. And that most certainly includes flowers. That’s why peonies have long been one of our favorite flowers.

If you ask us, their delicious pink goodness and voluptuous, ruffly blooms are just too hard to resist, making them a mainstay in a ton of our artisanal Bouqs—and on our kitchen tables.


Known for their bright and colorful blooms, which grow outward horizontally from their vibrant green stems, freesias come in stunning shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

When used in a Bouq with other larger and showier flowers, freesias provide a super eye-catching contrast. Just make sure that you place your vase of freesias in an area of your home that gets a healthy amount of light—both artificial light and natural light will do the trick.


Lilacs are the flower world’s true triple threat! They have gorgeous lavender-hued blooms, they have a strong and sweet-smelling fragrance, and they come in nearly every shape and size under the sun.

And while we totally adore lilac Bouqs on their own, we think lilacs shine best when placed next to other pastel-colored blooms as well as a decent helping of filler plants to add a nice touch of green.

If you ever want to add some much-needed texture to a Bouq, then lilacs can absolutely do the job!


We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there is just something that literally screams “spring” about Daffodils. Who knows, maybe it’s their lovely trumpet-shaped yellow and white blooms. Or maybe it’s the fact that they are the first flower to sprout up out of the ground come springtime.

Whatever the case, they’re just downright lovely! Just remember that if you want daffodils gracing your garden come springtime, you need to plant them well ahead of time during autumn.


If you’re looking for a refined and feminine look for a Bouq, we recommend going for some azaleas.

On their own, Azaleas can offer a minimalist appearance with their delicate blooms and soft colors. When mixed with other blooms though, expect them to be the perfect supporting act for your other more flashy flowers.


If you’re looking for a unique spring flower, look into the wide variety of Matthiola. Matthiolas are great flowers that boast prolific fragrant and colorful blossoms. They bloom in early spring all through the summer. They make superb flowers for bouquets because of their beautiful colors and their great floral aroma.

Ring in Spring with Flowers from The Bouqs Co.

At The Bouqs Co., we’re all about bringing you the freshest blooms of the season. From freesia and peonies to tulips and daisies, we have the best that spring has to offer in our store. Even better, all blooms are cut-to-order, so you’ll get only the very freshest flowers!

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