Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Sentimental Couples

Sentimental Valentine's Day Ideas

Love is in the air! February 14th is the day where you can unapologetically surround yourself with all there is to love about romance. The rom-com fans out there can especially rejoice, especially if they have a significant other to celebrate this love-filled holiday with!

If you and your romantic partner are a sentimental bunch – meaning long walks on the beach, exchanging letters, and homecooked meals – then the two of you probably want to spend this Valentine’s Day with as much romance as you can pack into a night. And what’s a better way to spend the most romantic holiday of the year than being the best lovebugs you can possibly be?

So without further ado, here are some great Valentine’s Day ideas for all the hopeless romantics out there!


Retrace Your Steps

The start of every love story begins with the first date, and sometimes, it’s fun to revisit old memories as a couple! You and your sweetheart can recreate some moments in the earlier stage of your relationship. Maybe you both can spend the night at the first restaurant the two of you visited together or re-watch the first movie you both loved (or hated).

How you can make this trip down memory lane extra fun is to wear the same outfits as you both did on the first date. Then the two of you can really relive those moments! Recreating the first date can actually reveal a lot of positive changes that occurred in the relationship since the beginning. Maybe you’ve grown more open with your partner, and you can probably skip out on the awkward ice-breakers. Definitely a glow-up!

A DIY Vacation

Taking a vacation as a couple is always a great pastime, but not everyone has the luxury of booking a flight for an island getaway this Valentine’s Day. If you and your significant other are feeling pretty crafty that night, recreate everything you love about your favorite vacation destination.

Those lush, sandy beaches of Hawaii? Put out some tropical flowers on display, turn on some classic island tunes, hang up some decorations to fit the theme, and whip up a fruity cocktail you wouldn’t have for any other occasion. The beautiful cityscape of Paris? Bring out the bottles of wine, turn on some French jazz playlists, search up some simple recipes for your favorite French dish (croque monsieur, anyone?), light a few candles along with a display of the Parisian view on your TV monitor – voila, there’s your makeshift vacay to France! Whether you and your significant other decide to bask in a DIY tropical island or dine in a DIY European city, relive some of the best getaways you’ve experienced together in the comfort of your own home.

Feelin’ Book Smart

Knowing someone’s favorite book is like taking a look into their inner self. As Virginia Woolf once said, “Books are the mirrors of the soul.”

If you and your partner love digging your noses into a book every now and then? Make a trip to a local bookstore! Have your partner pick out a few of their favorite reads and exchange them with yours to get to know each other’s tastes a bit more. Mix it up with different genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and poetry to have your partner read and have them experience all the fictional worlds you grew up with!

Childhood Favorites

Have you ever wondered about the area your significant other came from? Maybe they grew up in the next few towns over, and they just have so many stories to tell. Or maybe they grew up in the same neighborhood they live in now, but there’s things they remember about it that you don’t.

In that case, you and your sweetheart should definitely take a day trip to each other’s hometowns – if they’re close enough, of course! Not only can your partner show you the grand tour of all their favorite spots, you just might learn something new about them as they walk you through the playgrounds, the schools they attended, or their go-to ice cream joints.


Whether you both decide to go out and about or stay in the great indoors, you can’t forget to end the night without flowers. What Valentine’s Day is complete without Valentine’s Day roses delivery? You can also try a lovely batch of tulips, or even select Valentine’s Day plant delivery.

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