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The Best Plants for Every Room in Your Home

Best Indoor Plants for Home

Have you ever noticed how much life a plant brings to a room? Even in the most minimalist home, adding some kitchen or bathroom plants really warms up the feeling of the space. That said, plants and flowers are not only beautiful, they also provide a lot of health benefits to us.

Plants are real givers; they clean the air, elevate our mood, boost memory and concentration, speed healing, and lower our risk of illness. No wonder so many people include at least a few plants in their homes. Of course, if you’re new to having houseplants, you may be wondering which are the best ones to have. Read on to discover some of the best indoor plants for each room of your home.

Best Bedroom Plants

The bedroom should be a bit of an oasis from the outside world. It’s a place for you to get away and unwind. As such, plants that promote a sense of calm are some of the best indoor plants for the bedroom. Lavender is widely known for its calming capabilities, which makes it a perfect bedroom addition. French lavender is a variety that grows well inside, as long as it has a sunny spot and gets regular waterings.

Favorite Plants for the Bathroom

If you think about it, the bathroom is kind of like your own mini rainforest. It’s warm, it’s humid, and it has low or filtered light. It may not be as lush and verdant, but you can definitely “green” it up with the help of a couple of bathroom plants. As far as bathroom plants go, ferns are ideal as they naturally grow in tropical forest spaces. They thrive in low light and around a lot of moisture. With some TLC, you can also get away with orchids. Love the idea of bathroom plants? We do too! We even wrote a whole article on the best bathroom plants.

Living Room Plants

When you have guests over, you probably entertain them in the living room. That’s likely why this area of the home is so closely associated with personal style. People often put a lot of thought into what they want their living rooms to look like. As such, your living room plants should be reflective of that style.

There are countless visually stimulating plants and flowers to choose from. Look for something that speaks to your personal aesthetic. Some possible ideas are cacti, rubber tree plants, birds of paradise, philodendron, and begonias. Because the living room is usually one of the larger rooms in the house, you can choose bigger plants to go in the space.

Kitchen Plants

The kitchen is the hub of the home, but its main function is to be a cooking space. With that in mind, potted herbs often make the best kitchen plants. If you have limited space for kitchen plants, consider hanging your potted herbs. Otherwise, an assortment of herbs set along the windowsill makes a handy and attractive display.

Choose any combination of herbs you like, but think particularly about what herbs you use most often in your cooking and go from there.

Entryway Plant Recommendations

While not technically a room, the entryway is pretty important as it’s the first part of the house that everyone sees. With that in mind, you’ll want to make the entryway look inviting. Considered symbols of good luck, jade plants make lovely entryway greenery. Not only that, but they’re very intriguing plants to look at.

It’s important to note that jade plants like sun, so if your entryway is on the darker side, this may not be one of the best indoor plants for your entry. Also, pet owners should steer clear as jade plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

Best Home Office Plants

Sometimes we spend more time in the home office than we’d like to. If you’re going to be in there a while, you might as well have something pretty look at, and if it’s good for your health, even better.  Mums come in a wide variety of cheery colors, and they’re one of many plants that absorb toxins released from office mainstays like the printer, photocopier, and adhesives.

Plants and flowers make such a lively and health-promoting addition to the home. There are so many wonderful options available that you’re sure to find the best indoor plants and flowers for every room in your house. If you’re looking for some fresh-cut blooms to brighten up your space, The Bouqs Co. has you covered. We offer lush, cut-to-order flowers at an amazing price and you can shop for them from the comfort of home.

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