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Our Breakdown of Orchid Meanings by Color

Orchid Color Meanings

Orchids are well-known for their elegance, depth, range, and complexity. One of the most diverse families of flowers, the orchid represents over 30,000 unique species and is hybrid with at least 200,000 other plants.

Orchids come in a variety of eye-catching colors, ranging from the understated white orchid to the rare blue diamond. Orchid lovers are known for picking their favorite colors based on the folklore of orchid meaning and symbolism.

When purchasing orchids, it’s important to choose exactly the right match for the recipient’s personality, interests, hopes, and aesthetic. To ensure you get the orchid that best speaks to you or the recipient you have in mind, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to understanding orchid meanings by color.

Want to learn more about orchid color symbolism? Read on!


White Orchid Color Meaning

White orchids are simply gorgeous. They are the simplest and most minimal of the orchid varieties, and they’re very often a favorite among flower enthusiasts.

According to Chinese folklore, Confucius looked to the white orchid to symbolize virtuous people, because he believed the flower represented the epitome of a cultured being – one exhibiting a harmonious blend of refinement and humility. White orchid color symbolism begins with elegance, innocence, and beauty – truly the perfect gift for a bride-to-be or expecting mother.

Pink Orchid Symbolism

For centuries, the beautiful blush orchid has represented grace, femininity, happiness, and joy. Traditionally, it is given in celebration of a 14th and 28th wedding anniversary to convey deep affection.

Pink orchids have also often been sought after as a symbol of healing, tenderness, and friendship and often make for a comforting “get well” gift.

Purple Orchid Color Meaning

Purple orchid symbolism is a display of royalty and dignity. Thought to demonstrate admiration and respect, the purple orchid is the perfect gift to give to a boss or manager. A purple orchid is also a great way to show gratitude to elder relatives or companions.

Red Orchid Symbolism

As with all things red, the red orchid represents fire, romance, desire, and passion. A red orchid should be gifted to someone you love passionately and oftentimes makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Red orchids have also been known to represent strength and courage and can be given to anyone facing or overcoming a test of self – whether it’s a big test, sports match, or live performance.

Green Orchid Color Meaning

Green has always been the symbol of nature, health, good fortune, and longevity, and the same holds true for green orchids. Green orchids make for the perfect “get well” or “well wishes” gift.

The Meaning of Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids are the perfect way to add brightness to a space. With their vitality and vibrance, they also bring a symbol of joy and new beginnings. These beautiful flowers are a go-to gift for newlyweds, new parents, housewarming events, or anyone headed back to work or school.

Yellow orchids are typically associated with friendship and are often passed from friend to friend when celebrating a new milestone in life.

Orange Orchid Symbolism

The orange orchid is a symbol of pride. It encourages enthusiasm and boldness in its owner or recipient. The orange orchid is traditionally given to someone who is planning to face a big challenge. If someone in your life is preparing for a test, a job interview, an athletic competition, or a big presentation, the orange orchid might just be the trick to calming their nerves and building confidence.

The Rare Blue Diamond Orchid

Without a doubt the rarest of orchids, the blue(ish) orchid is a representation of luxury and rarity and can be gifted as a symbol of meditation and spirituality.

Orchids are truly one of the most elegant and refined flowers to gift to someone special in your life. Packed with meaning and beauty, these sweet-smelling blooms will bring joy and mystery to whoever receives them. The Bouqs Co. offers an extensive selection of gorgeous orchids available for orchid delivery when you’re looking to order flowers near you. You can also learn how to take care of your orchids and how to extend the vase life of your cut orchids by reading more.

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