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5 Last-Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

We get it – sometimes life can throw some unexpected obstacles at us that can let plans and dates completely slip our minds. But then that usually follows with a panicked realization once you happen to glance down at the date on your phone calendar and the scramble to make up for lost time. Yes, that’s right: Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s coming at us fast.

But before you run to the nearest mall and go store-to-store, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all the late romantics out there! These are some of our picks for the best last-minute presents to give your partner just in time for the big day.


Admit Two

If you and your significant other are a pair of music lovers, then gift them a concert ticket to an upcoming show. Rather than having it be a concert with their favorite artist performing, buy tickets for an artist that you both aren’t too familiar with. Maybe you heard your significant revisiting their mid-2000s pop punk phase or a late-90s R&B playlist; then snag tickets to see those artists or similar bands perform!

What matters most is that you’re buying an experience for both of you to share. Plus, this is a great way to expand your music library together and discover something new to add to your shared playlist. Just make sure you and your partner wear some comfortable shoes so you can both dance the night away!

Keep It Cool

For all those outdoorsy folks, picnics are part of your go-to date activities, and we totally understand why! There’s just something rewarding about cooking up a meal to enjoy with your significant other in the park or after a nice hike in the woods. Now you can up your picnic game by making sure you can enjoy a refreshing glass of wine and even bring along a cheese plate on-the-go!

This cooler bag by Picnic at Ascot ensures that you and your partner can sit back and sip on a cool glass of wine and keep any other refrigerated goods just as fresh. Best of all, these bags come fully equipped with two glasses, napkins, a cutting board, and even a corkscrew – nifty! Now you and your significant other can really have the picnic dates of your dreams, especially with a bag that allows you to bring along your favorite snacks and drinks.

Winding Down

There’s no denying that life can be hectic at times, which is why we have more reason to de-stress every once in a while. If your partner is a busy bee and needs some time away from the hustle and bustle, then gift them a couple’s spa package! Not only will they be able to get a well-deserved break, but you’ll both get to experience a day of relaxation together (and maybe get rid of that knot in your shoulder).

Best of all, you can always snag some sweet deals if you feel like pampering yourselves on Valentine’s Day. Groupon always offers some great spa packages for couples at unbeatable prices! From massages to facials, you’ll end the day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Redefining Take-Out

So maybe you completely forgot to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner. With February 14th being one of the busiest days for fine dining places everywhere, your options can be quite scarce. But there’s no need to worry because you can actually bring the fine dining into your very own home!

Invite your romantic partner over to experience a fancy meal by hiring a chef for a day! Rather than worrying about calling a handful of restaurants to experience a romantic three-course meal, you can have the fanciest take-out dinner of your life by inviting a chef to cook for you and your significant other. This can make the perfect in-home date night, especially if you both still decide to dress up and light a candle on the dinner table for a makeshift night out!

Last-Minute Blooms

It goes without saying that flowers are essential for Valentine’s Day, and with a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to plan ahead even with a big occasion coming up in the near future. Sometimes we forget to check the dates, and the next thing you know, it’s already the 14th of February.

But there’s no need to panic. You can actually have Valentine’s Day flowers delivered to your recipient’s door within a few hours of just placing the order! The Bouqs offers traditional red roses for Valentine’s Day as well as Valentine’s plant delivery for your partner to display in their home and serve as a reminder of the love you share as a couple. Talk about the ultimate last-minute gift for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t fret about being late to the game – order with our reliable flower delivery service today!

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