Valentine's Day

Galentine’s Day 2019: Ideas & Gifts

Galentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for some of us, it can be a dreaded holiday because let’s face it: not all of us want to be surrounded by the mushiness of couples and heart-shaped gifts everywhere. Maybe you just enjoy being single or you’re still recovering from a recent breakup with a long-time significant other. Either way, you’re not about the festivities surrounding romance this year.

Luckily for all those ladies out there who want to break away from those lovey-dovey traditions, there’s a holiday that occurs on February 13th, the day right before Valentine’s Day – Galentine’s Day! What began as a fictional occasion on a TV show spurred a movement within female friend groups across the nation: celebrating wholesome friendships with your favorite gal pals over brunch, nights out, or gifts.

Feeling the love for your close friends this season? Find out how you can take part in the celebration this upcoming Galentine’s Day with gifts and “date” ideas.


How You Can Celebrate

Treat Your Friends Like Royal(tea) Brunch is definitely part of the Galentine’s Day tradition, but we want you to elevate your dining experience by taking your lady friends to afternoon tea. Although afternoon tea is a common practice in British food tradition, more and more people in the U.S. are beginning to appreciate the idea of chatting over posh servings of small sandwiches, scones, and cakes. You and your best friends are sure to get a taste of living like royalty as you take sips of fragrant teas – just don’t forget to put your pinkies up!

Sing Your Heart Out We’re all used to karaoke being in private rooms where you and your friends can just jam out to your favorite tunes, but why not take an adventurous step and try singing along to your favorite song with a live band behind you? And best of all, you’ll be doing this in front of an audience! If you and your group are feeling brave, grab a few drinks at a local karaoke bar with a live band and show off what you got! Not only will you and your friends have embarrassing clips to post on each other’s timelines, you’ll leave with fun memories beyond all of you belting out lyrics during car rides.

Selfies Galore You can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day without having pictures to show that you and your besties had a successful day out. With pop-up museums being all the rage lately, we think they’re the perfect way to boost your social media presence and overall confidence. These trendy museums aren’t just great for the aesthetics, however. They’re fun too! Many of them offer interactive exhibits where you and your friends can tinker around with the displays and snag a few picturesque shots while you’re at it! Dress cute and search for a pop-up exhibit near you.  


Gifts for the Gals

Custom Candy Hearts Turn the candy hearts that traditionally display words of affection between lovers into sassy phrases shared between friends. Not only can your recipient skip the lines trying to purchase bags of cheap candy, they’ll always be reminded of your close friendship as they read either words of encouragement or bad puns on these miniature candy hearts.

Kombucha Brewing Kit Kombucha is not only proven to have a variety of health benefits, they’re also delicious! Gifting your best friends this brewing kit is probably the best healthy treat they can have.

A New Plant Family Since flower-gifting is a tradition typically reserved for lovers on Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be great to go against the status quo by giving your besties a brand new plant family. You can choose between potted orchids, oregano plants, or succulents to gift your gal pals so they can display their newest greens in their homes.


No matter how you decide to spend this upcoming season of love and friendship, The Bouqs has your back! We offer farm-fresh stems and greens to elevate your living space and act as lovely centerpieces for any upcoming gathering with the gals. Let your closest friends know that you appreciate them and shop from our collection today!

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