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Tips for a Blended Family on Mother’s Day

Tips For Blended Families

With baby boomer divorce rates nearly double those of the nineties, many find themselves with a second set of parents. Our generation has fully embraced a new view of what makes up a family. It is no longer strange to have more than one of each parent, which means purchasing Mother’s Day gifts for two mothers in two different households is the new norm for some. Our ‘new’ mothers are dynamic, beautiful, and hardworking women that really have an impact on our lives.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a blended family can seem difficult, but it is very possible to make every mother feel included. We have some wonderful tips for blended families to help you out!


Create a Roadmap

We recommend splitting your day into two parts. Mother’s Day isn’t supposed to be about who got the best gift. It’s about time spent with your role models. Don’t leave a single chance for jealousy. The key here is to put your stepmom first so she doesn’t feel overlooked. This might sound awful, but trust in the fact that your bio already expects this of you and harbors no hard feelings. After all, she’s had you her whole life!

You need to remind your stepmom she isn’t just your stepmom, she is a bonus! A week in advance, tell your stepmom you plan to come by and do some chores for her. Create a special text thread that is just the two of you for an added touch. Use your special chat to make plans for Mother’s Day. Sweeten the day and order delivery from her favorite cafe. Queue up some nostalgic movies that feature famous stepmoms, and have one of these cozy throws made with every child’s name on it. Showing up with some food, movies, and a heartfelt gift will send a beautiful message that she can hang onto for life.

Pay Attention to Your Bio Mom

Next, focus on your biological mom. Show your dear mother you will never forget all those years she put up with all your highs and lows. Plan to head over to mom’s for a craft day. We love these project ideas perfect for mothers and daughters. This gives Mom some good old throwback vibes to when she would help you with school projects. Who doesn’t love to relive the good old days?

Then you can take mom out to dinner, just the two of you. Make sure you plan ahead if you have siblings to block out that time. Give Mom some one-on-one time and then snuggle up the rest of the evening at home. Bonus Tip : you can surprise each mom with a bouquet of flowers the day before to extend the celebration a little bit longer.

Bring The Family Together

If you have a blended family that generally gets along with each other all around, first count your blessings. Take a moment to reflect on how fortunate you really are to have two loving families! Bring everyone together as a group to celebrate your mothers by planning a group outing!

Designate the ladies with their own shirts and of course a stepmom shirt is totally adorable and of course, here’s the perfect one for mom. Don’t forget to bring your grandma; she counts, too! Once you have the gang ready to go, pick a destination. Tip: put both moms in the same vehicle to create more intimacy and inclusiveness. If you live in the city, look for your local spa deals on Groupon to Treat Your Mom’s like a Queen for the day. Live in a small town? Take the family to the arcade or go bowling. Really, any activity that gets both families to interact and have a good time with each other is a flawless plan!

Above All, Take it Easy

We celebrate our mothers every single day in our own little ways. Mother’s Day shouldn’t be about competing for attention. Remember to think of this day as an extra special time that our moms can let their hair down and relax! Planning elaborate dinners and parties can cause a lot of time constraints and deadlines, which can make each mother feel rushed and hurt.

You know each of your mother’s as two different women, and they should be treated accordingly. Perhaps your stepmom is more of a stay-at-home and DIY flower candles type of gal, while your bio mom loves to play golf. You can do right by each one if you treat them with calmness and warm-heartedness. Really, all mothers (and grandmothers) just want to feel honored and a little bit spoiled sometimes. So long as both women are shown care, respect and love, you need not worry about hurting anyone.

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