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Everything You Need to Know About Roses

Facts About Roses

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is Shakespeare’s way of saying that the wonderful rose is the magical flower you know, no matter what you call it. And it’s true – no matter what we call it, it’s no secret that roses are a beautiful and popular flower. Just the sight of a bouquet of red roses can spark romantic feelings!

But did you know that rose hips are richer in vitamin C than oranges? Or that the rose is the national flower of both the United States and England? These are just a couple of facts about roses! Roses are rich in more than vitamin C – they are also rich in history, symbolism, and fun facts. The number of roses you gift also matters. Check out a few more of these interesting facts about roses if you want to learn more!


Name That Rose

There are over 150 types of roses, with thousands of hybrid breeds. Roses come in all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors! There isn’t one single specific way to categorize roses, but rather three common ways that most specialists categorize them: Wild Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Modern Garden Roses.

Every Rose Has its Thorn

One of the most commonly known facts about roses is that roses’ stems have thorns. Despite this fun fact, there are certain breeds of deer that manage to eat roses! Humans can eat rose petals, but probably should stay away from the prickly stems!

Rose Fossils

Roses have been around for quite some time. The oldest rose fossil ever found was in Colorado and is thought to be about 35 millions years old!

Intergalactic Roses

Another interesting fact about roses is that they have been to space! Miniature roses were the first roses sent into space. They were sent as a part of a study on the effects of low gravity on fragrances. They nicknamed this miniature rose the “Overnight Scentsation.”

Rose Oil, Anyone?

Rose oils are really commonly used in the production of perfumes, and it takes a lot of roses to produce even the smallest amount of rose oil. Two thousand roses are needed to produce just one gram of rose oil!

All’s Fair in Roses and War

Another of the most interesting facts about roses is that they haven’t only been symbolic of romance – there was even a war named after roses, AKA the “War of the Roses.” White roses represented York while red roses represented Lancaster in this fight for control of England.

Petal Parade

Every New Years Day, the Tournament of the Roses Parade takes place. Floats are made up of roses, other floors, and different organic materials like bark or seeds. Just how many roses does it take to make one float? While it differs depending on the size of the float and the different materials used, the answer is a lot. It takes about thirty roses to cover just one square foot of the float!

The Perfect Rose for the Perfect Match

On the show The Bachelor, bachelorettes all vie for a rose at each rose ceremony from the eligible bachelor. Early on in the season, when more roses are given out on each episode, as many as eight dozen roses are purchased from around the Los Angeles area to make sure only perfect flowers are used. (Give us a call any time, “Bachelor” crew!)

Roses Are Red…

Out of the many colors of rose you can choose from, the one color you cannot get is a black rose. The closest that you can get to a black rose is the “Black Rose of Turkey.” However, this rose only appears to look black: it’s actually a dark crimson color.


The more interesting facts about roses you learn, the more you love this beautiful flower! And how couldn’t you? Anyone would love a beautiful Bouq of roses delivered to their door!

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