DIY Wedding Bouqs: Everything You Need

How to Make a Bouquet

Some brides want to select all the wedding details and have someone else craft the magic. Others prefer to be really hands on. If you fall into the latter category, but don’t have a lot of experience with creative pursuits, you may be feeling a little intimidated. Creating wedding bouquets is something that many brides think they might try their hand at, only to realize that there’s more to it than just tying a few flowers together with some string.

That said, DIY wedding bouquets are totally achievable; you just need a little know-how and the right supplies. If you’re a creative bride who wants to take the reins of the wedding planning, then learning how to make a bouquet should be at the top of your list. Wedding flowers set the scene, so you’ll want to be sure you know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.


Do Your Research

One big misstep that many DIY brides make is not planning far enough ahead. As soon as you start planning your wedding, work out the types of flowers you’re going to use and where you’re going to order them from. Be sure to do your research on prices and availability. You don’t want to get your heart set on a certain type of bloom, only to find that it’s not available at the time of your wedding or will cost a small fortune to get.

When you’re considering prices, give some thought to the number of flowers you’ll need to create your wedding flowers. Find a reputable seller that carries high-quality blooms and find out what will be available at the time of your wedding.

Think About Longevity

Obviously, you want your flowers to look fresh and perky on the day of the wedding. Unless you have floral arranging experience, you’re probably going to want to work with blooms that have some lasting power. Even professional florists can’t make delicate blooms last all day, so working with fragile flowers is not the best option for DIYers. Some hardier blooms include roses, peonies, carnations, and mini calla lilies. Flowers such as poppies and dahlias can be trickier and best left to the professionals.

Consider Your Attire

When researching how to make a bouquet, one detail that many DIY brides overlook is staining. Some types of flowers have deeply pigmented pollen, petals, or berries that can stain fabric. This can be disastrous next to a flawless white dress. Be sure that the flowers you choose aren’t going to cause a graffiti effect on your gorgeous gown.


Remember the old childhood adage about keeping things simple? If you’re obsessed with an elaborate bouquet you saw in a magazine, and nothing else will do, it’s probably best to splurge on having it made for you. If you choose to go your own way, stick to the basics. Bouquets made from just one or two types of blooms can be absolutely stunning and are usually much easier to create.

Plan Your Workspace

Flower prep takes a fair bit of counter space, so think about where you’re going to put together your DIY wedding bouquet. Kitchens that have a lot of counter space are ideal, as they also offer quick access to water and are usually easy to clean up afterward. Arranging flowers at a large table outside is another workable option.

Gather Your Tools

Yes, you’ll need more than just the flowers and some ribbon for your DIY wedding bouquet session. Make sure you have everything together well ahead of the big day, so you’re not stressing out at the last minute. Typically you’ll need buckets so you can keep the flowers in fresh water, green waxed floral tape or elastic bands, paper towel, a stem cutter or sharp knife, a stem stripper, ribbon, and straight pins or corsage pins.


Having a DIY wedding bouquet allows you to get exactly what you want. You can incorporate special meaning into your wedding flowers and even save yourself some money along the way. The Bouqs Company simplifies the DIY process. We offer stunning cut-to-order, artisan flowers in do-it-yourself wholesale boxes. The flowers are shipped directly from the farm, so they arrive as fresh as possible for your big day.

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