Seven Bridal Shower Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Bridal Shower Favors

If you’ve ever attended a wedding shower, you know that guests typically leave with a pretty little favor tied up with a bow. The contents of the gift are usually candy-based and not overly appetizing or exciting. It’s not that the thought is unappreciated; it’s just that it would be nice to see something different for a change, right?

If you’re currently planning a bridal shower and want to break out of the favor box (so to speak), your options are pretty wide open. Who’s to say you have to give a bundle of delicate mints? Sure, grandma might be a little disappointed that she can’t restock her purse, but she’ll surely get over it when she sees how impressed everyone else is with their keepsake.

Here are a few stand-out bridal shower ideas to consider.


Locally Sourced Honey

If you’re looking for bridal shower favors that celebrate the lovely bride and the sweet love she’s found, honey makes a thoughtful gift. Look for some honey that comes from the area so that it carries extra special meaning. You can either buy it in small jars or find some cute jars and pack it up yourself. After that, simply attach a charming ‘meant to bee’ or ‘bride to bee’ tag and you’re ready for a sweet celebration.


Modern brides are sure to appreciate the look of this captivating favor. Succulents have a style all their own. They come in a wide range of unique shapes and colors and are super easy to care for. Who wouldn’t want to go home with one of these fun plants? Even better, if you pick up a variety of intriguing varieties and place one at each table setting you’ll have decor and favors all in one. Tie each with a nametag, and you have a favor that does triple duty.

Ring Pops

For the whimsical or retro bride-to-be, you can go with a favor that takes her back to her carefree days of childhood. Remember ring pops—those plastic rings with the giant lollipop bling on top? While you may not have had one in decades, they still exist and would definitely take a fun, quirky bridal shower party to the next level.

Nail Polish

For the bride-to-be who’s always stylish and put together, bottles of nail polish make unique and useful favors. Select a variety of colors for a bright, festive look or pick a few shades that go with the wedding colors for something more subtle. Finish by tying each bottle with a fun tag that says, ‘mani thanks’ to show your appreciation to attendees.

Tiny Bud Vase

Particularly if you’re hosting a bridal shower party in the spring, you want something that celebrates the newness of the season and the marriage. Everyone loves to get flowers and one or two delicate buds presented in a small vases makes a lovely favor. As with the succulents, this is another favor that works to dress up the tables of the wedding shower too so you have less decorating to do.

Dessert in a Jar

Who doesn’t love something sweet to take home? There are plenty of companies that will make up an order of special cheesecakes, brownies, hot chocolate mix, cupcakes, etc. in a jar. If you’re more of a DIYer though, you can easily put these delectable favors together yourself.


Have a java-loving bride on your hands? Small burlap bags of coffee beans make wonderfully aromatic favors for the bridal shower. To add an adorable touch, stamp the front with the message ‘the perfect blend’.

Throwing some unique twists into your bridal shower plans allows you to really tailor the theme to the bride’s personality. Of course, flowers usually play a big part in any wedding celebration. The Bouqs Co. offers a wide array of cut-to-order blooms that will set the scene beautifully for any one-of-a-kind wedding shower.

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