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A Guide to Accessorizing with Flowers

Flower Accessories

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The History of Floral Adornment

People have been wearing flowers as fashion accessories dating as far back as the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that by wearing a flower, its scent would act as a ward against evil spirits. A nomadic tribe in Ethiopia is still known exclusively for wearing stringed veils of pink blossoms and petals as skull caps. Have a look at this book photographer Hans Silvester created to showcase nomadic tribes from Africa and their affection for flowers.

Today, we can find flowers all over. From music festivals where women adorn their hair with homemade flower crowns and floral accessories to the runways of fashion week where models like Gigi Hadid sport live flowers, you can see this trend everywhere–and it only continues to grow in popularity.


Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Flowers

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating floral fashion of your own. One of the most iconic is to place floral accessories in your hair. Bustle has a wonderful how-to guide for creating anything from a messy bun to an elaborate updo for your wedding or prom with flowers.

A brand new trend is to actually dye your clothing using flowers. You can even use them to print on your clothes as well! Check out the Free People blog for some fun ways to add some eco-friendly tie dye to your summer wardrobe.

In Brooklyn, natural dyer and floral artisan Cara Piazza is working with local florists to collect their waste to naturally dye clothing and accessories. Cara is an advocate for natural dyes, stating that “chemical dyes use carcinogens like formaldehyde and dioxin which is a known hormone disruptor.” She even turns wedding bouquets into kimonos that brides can wear forever!


Keeping Your Flowers Fresh and Ready to Wear

Why not take the classic faux flower pendants grandma used to wear and turn it into something fresh and fun like this one? We couldn’t believe how beautiful these pendants were in this featured DIY. You can make ten of these for under three dollars, making them the perfect gift for budget-minded DIYers.

To make pendants or a pin, try dipping your flowers in wax to keep them looking as beautiful as the day you received them. If you want to step it up a notch, try sewing flowers on as embellishments to your clothing. We think they look especially fabulous adorning a denim jacket! Here is the tutorial so you can jump onto this incredible trend before the rest of the world catches on!

Floral accessories are a trend that is sure to stick around for a long time. Challenge your creativity with just about anything you can dream up. You are sure to look chic and super creative no matter what you decide!

Creative Ways to Work With Flowers

Remember daisy chains? We bet you have always wanted to learn exactly how to make them. We found a fourteen-step guide on just how to make them, and it is perfect! Once you’ve completed your chain, you can sew them on scarves or even a curtain for an effortless and fairy tale worthy vibe.

There are (literally!) hundreds of different options when it comes to getting hands-on with your fresh flowers. A personal favorite is making floral word signs like this. Once you’ve completed the sign, you can hang it up in your office or give them away as affordable yet meaningful gifts! For all those beautiful summer brides and bridesmaids out there, we have yet another beautiful way for you to wear your flowers. Check out these sixteen uniquely gorgeous ideas on Mon Cheri Bridal to add something extra special to your wedding party with flowers.


Where to Find the Perfect Petals

Now that we’ve inspired you, it’s time to find just the right flowers for your project. No matter what the occasion you’re creating your floral accessories for, whether its for a wedding or just because you want to, Bouqs has the perfect flowers for you to choose from to get those creative juices going this summer. We guarantee fresh, eco-friendly blooms that will truly enhance your floral experience. Take a look at our wedding options for extra special Bouqs that are perfect for whatever you can dream up!

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