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Flowers for Men: Making Him Feel Special

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The special man in your life knows beauty when he sees it, that’s how you got together in the first place. He’ll appreciate the plants and flowers for men in this handy guy’s gift guide. We put together some of our favorite flowers for men who have everything, to make his next gift one he’ll appreciate beyond the wrapping.

Gadgets and stocking-stuffers rarely make it out of the package, but thoughtful gifts like these are a joy right out of the box. Unused bottles of cologne, button-ups he doesn’t wear, a multi-tool that was used once, silk pajamas that have seen more time in his drawer than they have anywhere else. Flowers may not be your first thought for gifts for the special man in your life. Picking flowers with a little edge let him know you’re thinking of him without serving as a yearly reminder that he’s hard to shop for.

Plants and Flowers for Men Are a Perfect Gift


He may only own one Hawaiian shirt that he wears all summer, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a taste of the tropics year round. These bouquets are for everyone, but the rugged, jungle context of tropical flower bouquets may be just the thing to bring his vacation dreams into his everyday life. Remind him of your dream trip to South America you’ve been talking about constantly with a tropical tease that just might motivate him to start the planning process.

Maintenance Level: None


These hardy desert plants are perfect for the outdoorsy type of gentleman who hasn’t decided whether he has a green thumb. An assortment of succulents and cacti that fit on his desk, windowsill or workbench are tailor-made for the man who appreciates minimal decor that brings his love for nature into his indoor routines.

Maintenance Level: Low

Blue Flowers

It seems so simple, but men really do prefer blue flowers. Recent years have seen a lot of social change, but the division of blue/ pink seems to endure. He’s more likely to feel connected to a bouquet with a blue color scheme because blue is a color he may identify with personally.

Obviously, there is no rule for what he’ll appreciate, everyone is an individual with their own personal preferences. But some specific flowers for men who like a little rugged growth (on their chins and their bouquets) seem to be thistle, anemones and leucadendrons. Keep an eye out for these unique blooms if you want to make him blush for a change.

Maintenance Level: None


He spends as much time laying under his truck as he does riding in it and appreciates spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Functional accessories are everything to him, as long as they have a purpose in his life, he’ll never neglect it. Plants are the ideal crossover gift that marries function and form.

For the hobbyist who manages to make time for things that need his hands-on attention, plants that clean the air of a dusty garage or dank basement are just the thing to brighten the room.

Maintenance Level: Medium


Your man is gorgeous, a statuesque sculpture chiseled out of genetic marble. He spends as much time grooming himself as he does washing his car. If the man in your life has a delicate touch, appreciates beautiful things, but still enjoys things that need upkeep and maintenance, an orchid may speak to him on a primal level.

With their elegant blooms, occasional need for re-potting or pruning, orchids are a DIY hobbyist’s dream plant delivery. While they are low maintenance, simply watering them on a schedule won’t keep them happy. That said, Orchid care will give them a sense of accomplishment like changing their own oil or cutting their own hair. The more time they invest in their plant care, the more reward you’ll both enjoy from regular blooming.

Maintenance Level: Medium


Your guy likes his sunflower seeds and you know he’s always got a pouch handy somewhere when he needs a quick snack. With their own warm, hardy personality, we all have a special place in our hearts for these wild blooms. They may be just the flower for a man like yours to find an appreciation for dressing up his desktop with vibrant color. Sunflowers bring warm weather and sunny days to every table. It’s like having tiny rays of sunlight projecting from every petal into the room.

Maintenance Level: None

Air Plants

Does he call himself “low-maintenance”, but really means absent-minded? You’re both busy jet-setters who spend so much time on the road your refrigerator has take-out menus in the crisper. He needs the ultimate in low maintenance gifts and it’s likely cut flowers will wilt long before he gets a chance to enjoy them.

Air plants are a fitting solution, they don’t need a ton of light, they don’t grow very large unless you re-pot them and they naturally draw their water from the air. Yes, from the air. You can always gift him a spray bottle filled with plant food as an accessory gift, but these little guys are perfectly fine to hold down the fort without watering while he’s traveling. It’s like getting him a puppy you never have to dog-sit.

Maintenance Level: Low

Flower Subscriptions

Not only is a flower subscription the perfect gift to remind your man to send you flowers on important occasions, but it’s also a moment for him to realize he loves having bouquets around as much as you do. Just getting flowers regularly delivered to the house because he enjoys them maybe his new thing. That’s right, men enjoy flowers, it’s not necessarily at the top of their list, but everyone gets a little boost of joy from a bouquet that adds to their everyday decor.

A flower subscription can be a functional stocking stuffer for men that become a useful tool in helping to preserve a healthy relationship. They serve as a reminder that lives in their wallet, at some point, they will be sending flowers. If he uses it to get himself flowers, the man in your life will have a risk-free chance to try unique flower arrangements and truly find out what his favorites are. Flowers are a gift everyone gets to enjoy.

Maintenance Level: Fun

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