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Planning the Best 50th Anniversary: A Checklist

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Being married for 50 years has always been quite a milestone, but these days it has become somewhat of a rarity. That’s why, when a couple makes it to their golden anniversary, it’s cause for major celebration. If you have a special couple in your life who’s coming up on this auspicious occasion, you’ve got some planning to do – not to mention possibly some golden anniversary flowers to buy.

Whether you arrange a gigantic shindig or an intimate celebration, a golden anniversary party needs to include some special elements. Most of us don’t get the chance to  attend a lot of 50th-anniversary celebrations, which makes it hard to swipe amazing anniversary party ideas. If you’re searching for incredible ways to honor your loved ones on their special day, then read on to get some tips for planning a memorable golden anniversary party.


Familiar Venue

A lot of couples move over the course of their marriage, often multiple times. If that’s not the case for the anniversary couple, though, consider holding the golden anniversary party in the same venue as they had their reception (if it’s still a viable option, that is). If the couple got engaged at a special restaurant or a particularly beautiful outdoor spot and it works to hold the celebration there, that’s another nostalgic venue option.

Invitation Elements

The invitations are your first opportunity to set the scene for the event. Using a wedding photo of the couple on the invitation is a lovely touch. Another option is to have the invite printed on gold paper or adorned with a gilded trim. Think about the anniversary couple and try to have the invitations reflect their tastes.

Golden Touches

Party decor for a 50th anniversary needs the Midas touch, too. Golden tassels and ropes make a gorgeous adornment for the backs of chairs. Gold-colored charger plates underneath elegant white china plates make for an impressive table setting (and make Grandma proud). Alternately, plates with golden trim would also make a striking choice.

For table centerpieces, try framing significant pictures of the couple in gold-colored frames and arrange them in the centers of the tables. Another option is to place gold-colored candle holders in amongst specially selected golden anniversary flowers.

Memory Montage

Dressing up the room with memorable pieces from all the couple’s years together is a wonderful way for them and others to reminisce. Think about incorporating the wife’s wedding gown or shoes, the husband’s suit, a copy of their wedding vows, beloved or funny items that they’ve had in their house for years, travel mementos, pictures of significant family milestones, etc. Basically, you can use anything that would be meaningful to them, and if it would get a laugh from the crowd or make them a little teary (in a good way)—even better.

Nostalgic Nosh

Food for a 50th anniversary should be special, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean fancy. If you’re hosting a casual event, try serving favorite dishes of the couple from over the years or popular dishes from each decade they’ve been together.

For a more upscale event, find out the meal that was served at their wedding reception and try to have that recreated. You could even track down a replica (or mini version) of their wedding cake. Another golden anniversary party idea is to use the original cake topper from the wedding.

Added Ambiance

To really set the mood, try playing hit songs from the year the couple got married. Also, have each guest jot down a memory of the couple to be read at the event or to be included in a memory book for the couple.

There are so many ways to add meaning to a 50th-anniversary celebration. Remember, your anniversary party ideas don’t have to be elaborate. Just put your own spin on things and keep the couple in mind and you’re sure to plan an unforgettable event. When you’re shopping for golden anniversary flowers to dress up the venue, be sure to visit We deliver the freshest, most stunning artisan-crafted Bouqs that are sure to impress the happy couple and all the guests.

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