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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Father's Day Gifts

Summer’s here, which means we can all look forward to an abundance of holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and – of course – Father’s Day! That’s right, a day just for all the rockin’ dads out there, and what better way to show them some love with a thoughtful gift or two?

We know that it can be hard to get creative when it comes to giving back to the men who raised us, but believe us, you’re not alone! We want to make everyone’s day special for the occasion which is why we put together list of the best Father’s Day gifts any dad could ever ask for. Here’s our ultimate guide on presents that’ll be sure to make you the new favorite child:


Bottoms Up

Getting drinks with the pals has always been a favorite pastime for most working folks. Going out to happy hours after work with a few friends and having a few beers is one of the best ways to unwind before calling it a night. But what if we said that we can bring that experience to your dad’s very own home?

Artisan Brew Club is a subscription box that allows us to brew our own beer, all for just under $30! Home brewers will receive recipe kits in the mail including ingredients and equipment to whip up a batch of their favorite beverage! Not only will a DIY beer-making kit give you a bit of knowledge on how they’re concocted, it’ll open up the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your childhood hero. Craft a refreshing batch together and reward yourselves after with a well-deserved toast to fatherhood!

Chore No More

There’s no denying it – dads are some of the hardest working people we know. For a good number of us, they were the providers of our families, so it goes without saying that they deserve to relax every once in a while. Lucky for our diligent fathers everywhere, we have the perfect solution to crossing off some chores on their schedules.

The Roomba Robot Vacuum is a cleaner powered by WiFi to guarantee a spotless home, and best of all, it’s completely hands-free! Simply schedule the Roomba to vacuum and sweep your floors through a smartphone app, and all the user has to do is just sit back and watch the gadget work its magic. Not only will the Roomba take a chore or two off a dad’s to-do list, it’ll make his loved ones even happier to live in a cleaner space.

Coming In Hot

We know we said that beer is the drink of choice for fathers everywhere, but coffee is also a staple when it comes to being a dad! A soothing, hot cup of coffee was their best companion for those long commutes to work and the perfect starter before breakfast or lunch. We believe that no cup of coffee should lose out on flavor just because you left it sitting for a certain amount of time. And what’s a piping hot mug of coffee without that rich, bold taste we all love?

Thankfully, coffee-drinking dads can rejoice because there is, in fact, a way to maintain your brew’s temperature for smoother sipping. The Ember ceramic mug is an elevated version of your everyday insulated water carrier, except it adjusts the temperature of your dad’s drink of choice to have it taste like it came fresh out of the Keurig! The mug can even be controlled through a smartphone app that notifies you when your drink is ready to taste (yum!)

Plants For All

We hear you: flowers may not be the most conventional gift for most fathers out there, nor are they considered very “masculine.” Plants are also the perfect (gender-neutral) alternative for those who feel like they want something low-maintenance yet add that naturistic touch to any home or office space. Not only are they super low-maintenance, they add that much-needed freshness to any home. The snake plant, for example, is both sleek and helpful when it comes to getting some chores done around the house (like purifying the air)!

Make things easier for dads everywhere with the gift of plants!


No matter what present we decide on, the best gifts are ones that come from our love and appreciation for the greatest supermen of all time – our fathers! Father’s Day is more than just a holiday where we take our dads out for dinner at their favorite steakhouse and buy them another patterned tie; Father’s Day is a day where all the bedtime stories, the front yard frisbee games, and the awkward dad jokes can be reciprocated with nothing but love.

Here at The Bouqs, we want to commemorate those times between you and your loved ones by helping you get your feelings across in the sincerest way possible. So go ahead and treat your awesome dad to any or all of the gifts above. Whatever you choose, we’re sure he’ll love it.

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