Father's Day Flowers

Father's Day is Sunday, June 20th. Let Dad know how special he is with fresh flowers or a live plant delivered right on his doorstep.

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colorful alstroemeria, purple aster, yellow solidago and succulent bouquet

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Send Smiles to Dad

For a lot of us out there, a father is someone who we can always lean on, the very first superhero we ever looked up to. Our fathers were our safety nets when we finally took off the training wheels to our bikes, the ones who documented every childhood memory (even the embarrassing ones). And you could always count on them to make those dad jokes you grew to love and make yourself!

It goes without saying that dads are oh-so-important to us, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to show just how much you appreciate all the father figures in your life!

Father’s Day Flower Arrangements

Father's Day is the day to let your dad know how much he rocks! Our carefully curated selection of flower arrangements and plants make the perfect gifts for dad. If the men in your life are all about low-maintenance home décor, we also offer houseplants with lots of personality. Freshen up their living space and liven up the atmosphere!

Father's Day Gifts

The Bouqs Co. has your back! Shop our farm-fresh collection today. Happy Father's Day flowers are more popular gifts than you might expect. A Father's Day gift doesn't need to be as masculine as a tie or a gift basket filled with golf balls and stale popcorn. Especially this year, if you can't see Dad in person, flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up Dad's day and express your gratitude for his love and strength.

Father's Day Plants

Plants make excellent gifts for dads because they represent how your love and appreciation for them continue to grow with time. The best news is your dad doesn't even need to have a green thumb to enjoy a plant. We offer several succulents that are hardy and require little water. If you can't decide between a plant or brightly colored flowers, opt for a potted orchid and give Dad the best of both worlds.

Father's Day Gift FAQ


When it comes to choosing a Bouq for Dad, pass on the pastel, and opt for bold colors. While sunflowers and orchids are popular options for Father's Day gifts, we also quite like Bouqs of mixed flowers to show our love to Dad. If travel is off the table, a Bouq with a mixture of tropical flowers can bring a touch of the tropics into your dad's home or office.


While flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate moms, some dads might prefer plants over flowers. In fact, a lot of dads might pick plants over a Father's Day gift basket filled with chocolate or yet another tie since it gets them into the garden!

A plant can be a reminder to your dad about how much you love him for months or even years to come. Plants look great in any room, but they're especially good at bringing life to an office, even if that office is at home.


The Bouqs Co. doesn't deliver on Sundays, so you'll want to select the closest available delivery date for Father's Day or any other occasion you're buying for such as a Sunday birthday. In this case, that would be Saturday, June 19th. Your dad won't mind being surprised by flowers or a plant gift a day or two early!

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