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Which Flowers Last the Longest

Which Flowers Last the Longest

When selecting a Bouq for yourself and especially when giving one as a gift, knowing which flowers last the longest is a key piece of information. To help you out we’ve put together a list of long-lasting flowers as well as some tips for how to extend their life even further. So whether you want a classic bouquet or some rustic floral designs, we have some great recs for you.



How long do they last: 3 to 4 weeks

Chrysanthemums (or just mums for short) can last up to an incredible four weeks if given the right amount of love and attention. A perfect base flower for any bouquet, to get the most out of your chrysanthemums it’s best to pick those that have just started to open their buds. This is why many of the Bouqs we deliver come to your door in bud form.


How long do they last: 3 to 4 weeks

The incredible lasting power of zinnias, combined with their gorgeous daisy-like flower heads, make them a great addition to any Bouq you’re planning to give as a gift. After all, the last thing you want is to be remembered for giving someone a gift that died after only two days!


How long do they last: 3 weeks

The beautifully delicate flower of the orchid makes it an excellent vase flower and if looked after properly it can really stay the pace, too. To greatly enhance your orchid’s life, refresh the water every couple of days and be sure to cut away dead foliage as soon as you see it. Check out our offering of orchids for delivery.


How long do they last: 2-3 weeks

Coming in a variety of spectacular colors, the carnation is a symbol of love and revolution. This makes sense considering you can change the color of your carnations by adding food coloring to its vase water. Since these cut flowers can last up to three weeks then this can make for an interesting form of colorful revolution in itself.


How long do they last: 2 weeks

Also known as the Peruvian Lily, though not a “true lily”, Alstroemerias can add a spectacular dash of color to a vase display. To keep them fresh and vibrant, make sure they avoid being exposed to direct sunlight. Alstroemeria make great flowers for apology bouquets or sympathy bouquets.


How long do they last: 2 weeks

A bouquet favorite for their range of wonderful colors and symbolic meaning, lilies are also a great vase flower for their awesome stamina. Change their water daily and clip away any dying leaves and your lilies can stay brightening up any room for up to two weeks. Lily bouquets are elegant and eye-catching so you won’t be disappointed when you place these in your favorite vase.


How long do they last: 2 weeks

The amazing scent of freesias will fill your home with that fresh flower smell that seems to make everything feel like a happy dream. The great thing is that you can keep this natural freshener spreading joy for up to two weeks with careful care. Make sure to measure your stems evenly when cutting and keep your freesia arrangement‘s vase water refreshed.


How long do they last: 2 weeks

Bright and cheerful, the sunflower can add a ray of sunshine to your favorite room. Though their flowers are quite large, sunflower bouquets are also highly resilient. They don’t require as much water changing (every three days should be enough) but it’s a good idea to put them in a tall vase to help their stems support their heavy flowers.


How long do they last: 2 weeks

Offering a beautiful range of blues and purples, delphiniums bring a great vibrancy to any Bouq. Tall and bold, the key to making your delphiniums last up to two weeks is to observe its many flowers and prune the ones that are waning as needed.


How long do they last: 1 to 2 weeks

Everyone loves roses and in full bloom the sweetness of their scent is incomparable. Though delicate in appearance and smell, rose bouquets can also be quite tough little numbers. Clear debris from their vase and clip their stalks every two or three days to keep the romance going for longer.

Basic Tips for Long-Lasting Flowers

In addition to the above flower-specific tips, here are some basic tips that can help this list of which flowers last the longest to live up to their full potential:

  • Make sure the vase is washed and sterilized
  • Put some plant food or sugar in the water
  • Add some vinegar or bleach to the water to kill bacteria
  • Refresh the water every two or three days
  • Angle the stems when cutting them
  • Remove dead or dying leaves
  • Keep away from fruit


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So there you have it: a comprehensive list of which flowers last the longest and some tips on how to make long-lasting flowers last even longer. As you can see, keeping your Bouq healthy and happy doesn’t require a lot of time or effort—just a couple of minutes of your day and some good information. Ready to browse our selection and find the perfect Bouq of long-lasting flowers? Check out our super gorgeous, seasonal Bouqs today.

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