Wedding Flower Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Wedding Flower Trends

There are some things about weddings that we think of as evergreen: white, cake, and lace, to name a few. Some things, however, are here one season and gone the next (r.i.p. cake pops.) 2018 wedding flowers were less about the floral than they were about greenery, and while you can expect the lush greens to stay (hello: ever-popular palm leaves) you can say goodbye to the pastels of weddings past.

2019 is all about bold colors and daring pairings. Arrangements with texture, alongside mix and matched palettes, are the big thing looking forward. While the rustic concept has been popular for some time, in 2019, it will evolve so we will see less baby’s breath and burlap as we find our way back to an elegant middle ground. 2019 is where romance meets rustic and bright color makes its way back to the stage.


Bold Blooms

While pastel and copper have taken the wedding world by storm in the last three years, it seems this softened trend is finally dying out. Looking forward, we see brighter, bolder colors. Oranges, reds, and jewel tones burn anew in wedding flower trends. Pantone’s color of the year 2018 was Ultra Violet, a deep purple described as “complex and contemplative” and evocative of the midnight sky.

The 2017 and 2016 colors were greenery and rose quartz, respectively, demonstrating just how popular pastels and foliage became in the last two years. Building on 2017’s trend of greenery, with more couples than ever deciding to have only greenery arrangements, 2019 will slowly introduce flowers back into the fold. Fewer, but bolder blooms tucked into mixed foliage will maintain a lot of depth and texture. While giant palm leaves were all the rage in 2017 and 2018, the tropical trend is shifting to include plants like king protea, pastel-colored orchids, and anthurium.

Where Rustic Meets Romantic

Rustic weddings have been popular for what seems like forever, but looking forward expect them to evolve in a way that includes a little more traditional romance. Brides will be moving towards an industrial look, lots of raw spaces and materials, but with lush greenery and classic florals for balance. Centerpieces will likely be low floral pieces, with less use of glass and more opaque material (concrete and grey-wash are very in!)

The use of tailored greenery for centerpieces brings a sense of the outdoors in and transform any space. Wedding bouquets will go from subdued shades to including bolder, deeper tones. Classic whites mixed with romantic reds against a backdrop of lush greens lends itself to an overgrown garden aesthetic. Neutral palettes paired with deep blues and jewel tones are both sophisticated and simple, and nobody should be surprised if they’re a staple for 2019 weddings.

Soft pinks and cream tones punctuated with deep red hues to add warmth and depth, along with the use of texture (think: dahlias!) create an intricate display. Color trends will lean towards deep, bold tones: maroon, peony, hunter green, coral, pacific blue. Bouquets will contain low and high notes, where subdued shades are infused with bolder colors to create a more romantic arrangement.

Statement Pieces

Floral architecture isn’t new to weddings by any means; everybody’s seen an arch in their day, but this year centerpieces will give way to “showpieces,” or larger floral arrangements like flower walls or hanging installations. Guests love a good picture opportunity; this is a great way to skip the photo booth and instead provide an Instagram to remember. Statement pieces aren’t confined to the dance floor, either. Brides will also be seeing more dress options with appliqués and embroidery. While flower crowns are on their way out, floral combs, bracelets, and anklets are having a serious heyday.


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