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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Filler Flowers

Filler Flowers

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When we think of flower arrangements, we tend to think of a few common types of flowers in eye-catching bunches: roses, daisies, sunflowers, lilies… the list goes on. But a well-curated arrangement – particularly for a big occasion, like a wedding – often incorporates greenery or simpler flowers in supporting roles. These leafy plants and blooms add a lush splash of foliage to the background so the main flowers really pop.

But the name “filler flowers” doesn’t do justice to the crucial role they actually play in a wedding Bouq or centerpiece. Beyond providing balance to an arrangement that might otherwise seem sparse or dull in color, greenery for wedding bouquets adds both texture and, most importantly, fragrance! Trust us – that wedding Bouq really wouldn’t smell the same without a few sprigs of sage thrown in.

So without further ado, let’s break down everything there is to know about greenery and filler flowers for wedding arrangements!


Common Types of Fillers and Greenery for Wedding Bouquets


  • Spray roses: These small, bunched versions of a beloved bloom add a touch of grace to any bouquet.
  • Delphinia: The perfect way to add “something blue” straight into your bouquet!
  • Baby’s Breath: A classic choice with a delicate look and a fragrance people either love or hate.
  • Magnolia: While the flowers of this plant are its most fragrant part, some species also have twigs and leaves that smell slightly of lemon.
  • Ferns: Perfect for a rustic, forest-inspired wonderland wedding.
  • Gardenia: Add for a captivatingly fragrant arrangement.
  • Wax Flowers: Lovely five-petaled white bursts that pair well with a variety of blooms.
  • Herbs like mint and sage: Another rustic touch with rich, homey fragrances.
  • Thistle: Another way to add “something blue” – not to mention otherworldly in shape!


  • Kale: For the cool and quirky!

On-Trend: All-Greenery Wedding Bouquets

That’s right – many greenery-enthusiasts are opting to call these previously-sidelined filler flowers “foliage” to emphasize their star potential in all-green bouquets and arrangements. In fact, filler flowers for wedding arrangements and other special occasions are taking center stage for some seriously gorgeous – and unique! – green Bouqs.

We can’t deny the appeal of these rustic all-green Bouqs, and they’re right on-trend for 2019’s popular nature-inspired, outdoorsy arrangements of lush green and simple blooms.

Want to green up your own Big Day with all-filler flower wedding arrangements? You can go classic with baby’s breath, gardenia, or magnolia, or get quirky with kale and thistle. In fact, one popular thistle – the artichoke – makes for a truly eye-catching arrangement with its geometric shape and deep green color. (We did say rustic!)

And if you live in a drier area with less rain for lush foliage, don’t worry! You can put a desert twist on the all-“greenery” theme by swapping traditional filler flowers for succulents. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Greenery in Wedding Arrangements

  • For standing arrangements, remove all leaves on the stem that will fall below the water line to prevent rot.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix different types of greenery, either in an all-green arrangement or together with more “primary” flowers. This is where you can get creative!

So there you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about greenery for wedding arrangements – and just in time to jump on the rustic wedding trend we absolutely love. When you’re ready to start putting your plans into action, don’t forget to check out all the sustainable, farm-to-table wedding flowers we can provide here at The Bouqs Co.!

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