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Want to Send Flowers to Her Office? Read This Before You Do

Office Flowers

A surprise delivery of flowers can perk up anyone’s day, but should you send flowers to her office? The truth is that there is no hard and fast rule here but just like sending flowers to your work bff, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Would my girlfriend enjoy the added attention that a public flower delivery would cause?
  2. Would the floral gift be work-appropriate?
  3. Are you at a point in your relationship where a public gift of flowers would be fitting?

There is much to consider when navigating the tricky terrain of workplace flowers. Some work settings are more formal than others. Some people like public surprises, while others don’t. What initially seems like a simple decision may take a bit more consideration. So, if you’re wondering how to send flowers to someone at work, here are a few points to consider.

Don’t ‘Out’ an Office Romance

If you’re involved with one of your co-workers, particularly if the relationship isn’t out in the open yet or if workplace romances are frowned upon, don’t send your significant other a Bouq at work. Even if you think you’re being sneaky by adding a “from your secret admirer” message, you’re probably going to make things awkward. Offices typically have a fervent rumor mill, and there’s no reason to feed that by sending a workplace Bouq. Even if your coworkers know of the romance, sending a mushy message at work may make everyone feel a little uncomfortable given that they work with both of you.

Consider the Stage Your Relationship is In

While making a public gesture of affection early on in a relationship may seem like a sweet thing to do, it often makes for an uncomfortable situation. Sending flowers is quite a personal gesture, and if you’re just getting to know someone, it might not be the right time to make such a statement at someone’s place of work. If you’re in a new relationship (or not even sure if you’re in a relationship yet) and are wondering  “should I send flowers to her work or home,” do the smart (aka safe) thing and send them to her house.

Keep Things PG

Sure, it’s great to be in a hot and steamy relationship, but unless she has an incredibly open workplace where they’re comfortable with lots of sharing, you should keep the delivery fairly tame. That means no edible undies hidden amongst the blooms. This should be a pretty obvious etiquette tip on how to send flowers at work, but some people just don’t get it. You should probably keep the note pretty respectable too; you never know who’ll be looking over her shoulder when she’s reading it.

Think About the Recipient

Some people don’t mind sharing details of their home life when they’re at work. Others prefer to keep their work life and their personal life separate. The question isn’t just, “how to send flowers to someone at work” but, “should I send them there at all.” Carefully consider your girlfriend’s feelings about home life vs. work life. Does she enjoy mixing the two? If the answer is no, then sending some flowers to the house is a much better choice.

Remember, while flowers make a lovely gift, knowing when and how to send flowers at work is important. So if you’re wondering “should I send flowers to her work or home,” sending them to her house is usually a simpler option. Once you have location taken care of, you just have to select the perfect flowers. Not to worry though—The Bouqs Co. has you covered. We offer a wide variety of stunning, artisan-crafted corporate gifting and office decor packages as well. This way there’s no waste, and she gets only the freshest flowers.

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